Phil Norman was an early pioneer in the UK MMA scene

In one of his fights he was dominating a bout against a German competitor until.... he spent too much time in range and got knocked out by a spinning back kick to the head

When he woke up he tried to figure out how he could be winning the fight easily at one moment and then be knocked out the next

He worked out that the striking systems he was using at the time meant he had to take his head towards his opponent in order to strike and that left him vulnerable to being countered.

So he got to work designing a NEW way to strike that focused on being elusive WHILST attacking the opponent

And so Ghost Elusive Striking was born..

What This Course Covers

Inside this course is a recording of a seminar Phil taught at a US MMA school and includes detailed instruction on:

🥊Phil's five principles of elusiveness
🥊The no man's land concept
🥊How to enter without getting countered
🥊The four core Ghost punching techniques
🥊Getting off line when striking
🥊How to pivot offline faster against a charging opponent
🥊Phil's infamous "drive by" combination
🥊How to get to the "pub" and what to do when you get there (it will all make sense when you see the drills)
🥊Elusive kicking drills
🥊Simple defences against kicks
🥊Elusive kicking combinations
🥊Ghost trapping
And a lot more

About Your Instructor

Phil Norman

Phil Norman is a pioneer of UK Martial Arts.

Not only is he a full instructor under Guro Dan Inosanto & Guro Rick Faye but he is one the very first UK pro MMA fighters.

He is also the creator of the Ghost Elusive Fighting system, a unique striking system that focuses on elusiveness.

Whats Inside This Course

    1. 1 stepping Jab

    2. 2 spiking inside

    3. 3 spiking outside

    4. 4 the hang

    5. 5 hang sidekick

    6. 6 hang punch

    7. 7 hang final

    8. 8 hang review

    9. 9 counter hang

    10. 10 the switch

    11. 11 the cut

    12. 12 powering up the cut

    13. 13 principles

    14. 14 foot placement

    15. 15 pivots

    16. 16 cut punch 2

    17. 17 questions about the pivot

    18. 18 switch pivot

    19. 19 the arc punch

    20. 20 range finder

    21. 21 drive by 1

    22. 22 drive by 2

    23. 23 drive by variations

    24. 24 broadside

    25. 25 death from above

    26. 26 pub punch

    27. 27 pub trapping

    28. 28 day 1 review

    1. 29 punch sumbrada

    2. 30 kick sumbrada

    3. 31 180 kick

    4. 32 angle kick

    5. 33 360 kick

    6. 34 switch angle kick

    7. 35 pivot round kick

    8. 36 arc round kick

    9. 37 corkscrew kick

    10. 38 stupid kick

    11. 39 stop kick

    12. 40 question about bare knuckle punching

    13. 41 question about implementation

    1. Super Seminar Phil Norman pt1

    2. Super Seminar Phil Norman pt2

About this course

  • 43 lessons
  • Over 3 Hours of Video Instruction
  • Bonus Ghost Seminar Recording From Mittmaster Matt
  • No Waiting: Instant Online Access

FREE Bonus Course

Ghost Seminar Recording From Mittmaster Matts School

  • Principles of elusive striking

  • Controlling distance using footwork

  • Why elusiveness is a key skill to develop

  • Timing & countering your opponent

  • Using footwork to get to dominant angles

  • Effective trapping for combat sports

  • Defensive head movement to avoid counter shots

  • And a lot more