The Southpaw Solution

How to set up, counter & dominate those pesky Southpaws

Southpaws are really annoying - I should know I'm a Southpaw myself.

Only 10% of the population are left handed so most of the time in most combat sports fighters are used to facing an orthodox right handed fighter

And then one day a Southpaw shows up and suddenly none of your stuff works

Well fear not, The Southpaw Solution is here

The Southpaw Solution is a complete system for solving the complex problem of Southpaw fighters

We start right at the beginning with stance, footwork & hand placement and work through to counters, fakes, traps, combinations & more.

This course is not only for Boxers - we also include Southpaw tactics for Kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA & more

This is a complete solution that will work in any striking sport

This is really two courses in one...

Whilst the focus of this course is on how Orthodox fighters can deal with Southpaws the drills, techniques, and strategies taught work the other way as well

So, if you are a Southpaw you can still get this course and use it to beat up more orthodox fighters

Here's Whats Inside This Course

    1. SPS footwork

    2. SPS hand fighting

    3. SPS cut

    4. SPS slap down lead hand

    5. SPS parry the jab

    6. SPS scoop to cross

    7. SPS scoop to hook

    1. SPS countering the cut 1

    2. SPS countering the cut 2

    3. SPS countering the cut 3

    4. SPS countering the cut 4

    1. SPS body shot 1

    2. SPS body shot 2

    3. SPS body shot 3

    1. SPS combo 1

    2. SPS combo 2

    3. SPS combo 3

    4. SPS combo 4

    1. SPS fake 1

    2. SPS fake 2

    3. SPS fake 3

    4. SPS fake 5

    1. SPS kick counter 1

    2. SPS kick counter 2

    3. SPS kick counter 3

    4. SPS kick counter 4

    5. SPS kick counter 5

    6. SPS kick counter 6

    7. SPS kick counter 7

About this course

  • A complete system to out strike any Southpaw
  • 80 detailed video lessons
  • Instant Online Access


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