Welcome To 101 Pad Drills For Self Defence

As any respectable Self-Defence, Krav Maga or Combative Instructor will tell you self protection is at least 70% mental and 30% physical.

The mental side of self-protection/defence is complex and includes:

  • Situational awareness
  • Spotting predatory behaviour
  • Trusting one's gut instinct
  • Body language cues
  • Avoidance strategies
  • Stress management
  • Adrenal response
  • Communication 
  • Legal issues
  • And a whole lot more

I certainly don't claim to be an expert on the psychology of self-protection.

(I can, however, recommend many awesome instructors, books & courses that teach that in amazing detail (specifically check out Lee Morrison, Phil Norman & Russell Jarmesty)

My area of speciality is creating and teaching pad drills that support the delivery of whatever self-defence system you teach.

This course is for therefore designed for anyone who uses pads AND teaches self-defence, self-protection or street survival tactics. 

101 Pad Drills For Self Defence covers six primary areas...

1. Principles

The core principles of self-defence striking. Without understanding these principles the rest of the physical responses likely fall apart. These principles form the foundation of everything else that follows

2. Partner Preservation

The nature of self-defence training means training partners often get smashed around. This section covers key ideas that help you minimise injury and preserve your training partners (for as long as possible).

3. Self Defence Pad Drills

Self-defence pad drilling requires a totally different pad holding style than martial arts training. The pad positions, feeds and responses are vastly different from what you would find in a gym or dojo.

4. Power Striking Drills

The ability to generate maximum force as explosively as possible is an essential skill in a self-defence situation. This section covers how to maximise striking power whatever the weapon. 

5. Progressions

Sometimes one-shot doesn't end the fight and it "progresses". This section covers a variety of pad progressions that deal with common attacks, defences & combinations.

6. Pressure Testing Drills

A self-defence situation can be incredibly stressful. Training needs to replicate the mental & physical stress to inoculate the practitioner and prevent a drop in performance.  This section covers pad drills that can be used to BEGIN pressure testing students. 

Here's what you get on the inside of the course:

  • 101 detailed instructional videos covering my complete system for holding pads for self defence training (this is different than my sport pad system)
  • Free BONUS seminar footage of me teaching some of the drills to a range of students and abilities
  • Recommended resources for further study

If you teach self defence / self-protection this course is essential viewing!

Thank You

Mittmaster Matt

Here's What You Get Inside The Course

  • Lifetime access to 101 Pad Drills For Self Defence

  • FREE BONUS: Self Defence Pad Drills seminar recording

  • FREE BONUS: Seminar footage recorded at Roberts School

What's Inside The Course

  1. 1
    • Welcome

  2. 2
    • Self defence intro

    • Self defence targeting

    • Self defence head butts

    • self defence shouders strikes

    • self defence elbows

    • self defence knees

    • self defence kicks

    • self defence pad safety

    • self defence power generation

    • self defence weight transferance

    • self defence intensity

    • self defence common reactions

  3. 3
    • self defence pre empt punch

    • self defence pre empt palm

    • self defence power slap

    • self defence pre empt to common reactions

  4. 4
    • self defence ambush

    • self defence clinch positions

    • self defence double overhooks

    • self defence fifty fifty clinch

    • self defence double under clinch

    • self defence head clinch

    • self defence wedge clinch

    • self defence mixing clinch drills

  5. 5
    • self defence lead hand combinations

    • self defence rear hand combinations

    • self defence lead rear combos

    • self defence kicking

    • self defence interception drills

  6. 6
    • self defence boxing combos

    • self defence boxing combos to crash

    • self defence boxing combo to duck

  7. 7
    • self defence diagonal hammers

    • self defence horizontal hammers

    • self defence vertical hammers

    • self defence cyclical hammers

    • self defence follow through hammers

    • self defence power hammer

    • self defence hammer combo to clinch

  8. 8
    • self defence elbow basics

    • self defence knee elbow combo

    • self defence same side elbow knee

    • self defence headbutt elbow knee

  9. 9
    • self defence throws snap down

    • self defence snap down 2

    • self defence failed snap down

    • self defence snap down to post

    • self defence snap downs combination

  10. 10
    • self defence ground work positions

    • self defence getting up from ground 1

    • self defence getting up from ground 2

    • self defence kicking & getting up

    • self defence elbows from ground

    • self defence kicks from back

    • self defence jockey mount

    • self defence knee on head

  11. 11
    • self defence pressure test 1

    • self defence pressure test 2

    • self defence pressure test 3

    • self defence pressure test 4

    • self defence pressure test 5

  12. 12
    • How To Double Your Punching Power

  13. 13
    • self defence adding the unexpected 1

    • sef defence adding unexprected 2

  14. 14
    • Striking 4 Self Defence 18 (diagonal hammers)

    • Striking 4 Self Defence 19 (salute hammer)

    • Striking 4 Self Defence 20 (adding the headbutt)

    • Striking 4 Self Defence 21 (clinch)

    • Striking 4 Self Defence 22 (clinch movement)

    • Striking 4 Self Defence 23 (clinch to elbow)

    • Striking 4 Self Defence 24 (clinch -head butt)

    • Striking 4 Self Defence 25 (other options in clinch)

    • Striking 4 Self Defence 26 (combine)

  15. 15
    • self defence martial arts rant

  16. 16
    • Recommended courses

Your Instructor

Founder of Mittmaster.com

Matt Chapman

Hi, my name is Mittmaster Matt.

I'm a martial arts student for 35 years, instructor for 20 years, author and creator of the Mittmaster Pad Training system.

This unique pad training system includes over 500 pad drills for Boxing, Martial Arts, Kickboxing, Thaiboxing & MMA and is used daily by 10,000 instructors, coaches and school owners around the world.