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Muay Thai is one of the strongest fighting styles ever developed. 

Muay Thai has been tested and refined over 100's of years in rings around the world. Thai Boxers are notoriously tough and never afraid of a challenge (and are always willing to step up to fight other martial artists regardless of style.)

But perhaps Muay Thai's greatest strength is its simplicity. 

Having trained over 10 styles of martial in the last 30 years, I think Muay Thai is the simplest and that simplicity gives it a massive advantage. 

Because Thai Boxers train the same techniques over and over they get REALLY good at a few techniques

As Bruce Lee famously said...

"I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks one time. I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times"

This is what makes Muay Thai different than many other martial arts. It's simple and battle tested.

My Muay Thai Journey... So Far

I started Thaiboxing when I was 21 years old at Anton St James gym. Anton was one of the first students of Master Toddy (as well as being a master of many other arts). 

Over 10 years Anton taught me all my basic Muay Thai skills including Kicking, Punching, Knees, Elbows & Clinch.

A few years later when I was competing in MMA I had a fight booked against a good stand up opponent. 

I decided I needed to improve my striking so I booked myself five weeks training at Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket before the fight.

(This was back when Tiger only had two rings and nothing else....yes that long ago)

Training in Thailand was FANTASTIC. 

Every day we started at 7 am with a run followed by five rounds on the bags, five rounds on the pads, partner drills, clinching for 20 minutes and then fitness drills until we were sweaty wrecks, 

Then we had breakfast and did it all again at 4 pm. 

Life is so simple when training in Thailand and you get months if not years worth of training condensed in a very short time. Plus because you are training 6 hours a day in 30-degree heat you get REALLY fit!

I went back to Thailand to train twice more before I had kids (which meant the end of that for a while).

Here's a short video of me training at Tiger a looooong time ago (look how thin I was)

Mittmaster Muay Thai Syllabus

The Mittmaster Muay Thai syllabus contains ALL the techniques, drills and tactics I've picked up over the last 20 years training Muay Thai. 

Of course, I've included the core techniques you will learn at every Muay Thai school in the world. 

But, I've also added drills and combos from Dutch Style Muay Thai (which includes more Boxing & footwork than traditional Muay Thai)

And I've included some techniques from the modern era of Muay Thai made famous by the legend that is Saenchai.

Saenchaii has added a wider variety of kicks and fakes than most Thai Boxers use and has lead the way for more creative expression in the art.  

The Mittmaster Muay Thai Syllabus includes nine grades that cover

  • Kicking techniques
  • Kicking combinations
  • Punching techniques
  • Punching combinations
  • Kneeing techniques
  • Elbow techniques
  • Knee & elbow combinations
  • Basic, intermediate and advanced thai pad combinations
  • Entering the clinch safely
  • Off balancing and throwing techniques
  • Sweeps & trips
  • Dutch combos
  • Advanced Muay Thai techniques from Saenchai and other modern-era fighters

You can use the syllabus as it is or edit it to make it your own based on your own Muay Thai journey

The syllabus includes:

  • An editable Muay Thai Syllabus in Word & PDF formats
  • Over 70 support videos showing the techniques, drills, and combinations in detail.
  • 12 Muay Thai conditioning videos where I cover my favourite fitness drills I've learned from my instructors to help fighters get in top condition.
  • Free bonus Muay Thai seminars from my instructors

Thank You. I look forward to training with you inside

Mittmaster Matt

Muay Thai Syllabus Reviews

5 star rating

Mittmaster Muay Thai Syllabus

Richard Jones

An excellently informative well presented course, which is an asset to all practitioners of Muay Thai.

An excellently informative well presented course, which is an asset to all practitioners of Muay Thai.

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5 star rating

Muay Thai Syllabus

anthony hazelwood

Excellent content. Thanks

Excellent content. Thanks

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5 star rating


mat thomas

Very clear instruction.

Very clear instruction.

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Whats Inside The Syllabus

  1. 1
    • Please Read First

    • Muay Thai Syllabus PDF

    • Editable Muay Thai Syllabus (MS Word)

  2. 2
    • MT Grade 1 Stance

    • MT Grade 1 Footwork

    • MT Grade 1 punching

    • MT Grade 1 blocking

    • MT Grade 1, double block

    • MT Grade 1 hand defence

    • MT Grade 1 Knee

    • MT Grade 1 Kick

    • MT Grade 1 kick defence

    • MT Grade 1 Combo

    • MT Grade 1 punch - elbow

    • MT Grade 1 Clinch

  3. 3
    • MT Grade 2 Stance

    • MT Grade 2 Footwork

    • MT Grade 2 punches

    • MT Grade 2 kicks

    • MT Grade 2 punch defence

    • MT Grade 2 punch evasions

    • MT Grade 2 kick defence

    • MT Grade 2 combo

    • MT Grade 2 punch to elbow

    • MT Grade 2 clinch

  4. 4
    • MT Grade 3 Stance

    • MT Grade 3 footwork

    • MT Grade 3 elbows

    • MT Grade 3 kicks

    • MT Grade 3 kick defence

    • MT Grade 3 kick combos

    • MT Grade 3 combo

    • MT Grade 3 punch to elbow

    • MT Grade 3 clinch

  5. 5
    • MT Grade 4 Stance

    • MT Grade 4 footwork

    • MT Grade 4 elbows

    • MT Grade 4 kick

    • MT Grade 4 punch to elbow

    • MT Grade 4 combo

    • MT Grade 4 kick combo

    • MT Grade 4 Clinch

  6. 6
    • MT Grade 5 stance

    • MT grade 5 four counts

    • MT Grade 5 rebound kicks

    • MT Grade 5 elbow - knee combo

    • MT Grade 5 combo

    • MT Grade 5 kick combo

    • MT Grade 5 clinch

  7. 7
    • MT Grade 6 stance

    • MT Grade 6 punching techniques

    • MT Grade 6 kicks

    • MT Grade 6 kicks 2

    • MT Grade 6 six counts

    • MT Grade 6 knee & elbow combo

    • MT Grade 6 combo

    • MT Grade 6 kicking

    • MT Grade 6 clinch

  8. 8
    • MT Grade 7 attacks

    • MT Grade 7 dutch drill 1

    • MT Grade 7 dutch drill 2

    • MT Grade 7 dutch drill 3

    • MT Grade 7 kick catch a

    • MT Grade 7 kick catch b

    • MT Grade 7 kick catch c

    • MT Grade 7 elbow counters

    • MT Grade 7 clinch

  9. 9
    • MT Grade 8 attack & defend

    • MT Grade 8 spin punches

    • MT Grade 8 Dutch 1

    • MT Grade 8 Dutch 2

    • MT Grade 8 Dutch 3

    • MT Grade 8 missed kick to spin

    • MT Grade 8 spin kick counters 1

    • MT Grade 8 spin kick counter 2

    • MT Grade 8 spin kick counter 3

    • MT Grade 8 round kick series part 1

    • MT Grade 8 Cut kicks

    • MT Grade 8 Clinch

  10. 10
    • MT Grade 9 Switch Fake 1

    • MT Grade 9 Switch Fake 2

    • MT grade 9 Switch Fake 3

    • MT Grade 9 Boxing combo & kick

    • MT Grade 9 Elbow sectors

    • MT Grade 9 Shin check counter 1

    • MT Grade 9 Shin check counter 2

    • MT Grade 9 Shin check counter 3

    • MT Grade 9 Kick Fakes 1-4

    • MT Grade 9 double jump kick

    • MT Grade 9 Round kick series part 2

    • MT Grade 9 Basic ringcraft

    • MT Grade 9 Corner control

  11. 11
    • Muay Thai Lessons Plans

  12. 12
    • MT Conditioning (10, 6, 2)

    • MT conditioning (jab - cross series)

    • MT conditioning drill (5 by 5's)

    • MT conditioning (bands)

    • MT conditioning (20,20,20)

    • MT conditioning (4 & 4)

    • MT conditioning (up, out & down)

    • MT conditioning (chaining)

    • MY conditioning (attack & defend)

    • MT conditioning (thai suitcase)

    • MT conditioning (thai sit ups)

  13. 13
    • Muay Thai Seminar with Kru Prathet

    • Muay Thai Seminar with Mittmaster Matt

    • Dutch Glove Drills

  14. 14
    • Live Support

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Does It Work?

    Simple. Select the course you want. Make payment and you get instant online access. You can watch on any device, anywhere at any time!

  • What's Included Inside The Course?

    The courses contains a complete and editable Muay Thai with 70 instructional videos, coaching manuals and 12 lesson plans.

  • What's The Difference Between The Kickboxing Collection & The Kickboxing Syllabus?

    The Muay Thai syllabus is designed to help you teach structured Muay Thai classes and to provide the base for a grading system.

    The Muay Thai collection is designed so that you can access a large variety of Muay Thai instructional videos.

  • Can I Get This Course On DVD?

    Unfortunately we no longer offer DVD's as they are too expensive to produce and ship.

    Plus with online courses you get instant access so no need to wait for the post.

  • What If I Have Questions?

    Please feel free to email me at matt@mittmaster.com