Welcome To The Mittmaster MMA Syllabus

The Mittmaster MMA syllabus is designed to provide a clear, logical process to teach and grade your students in MMA.

It's perfect for those students who want to train MMA but don't want to be beaten to a bloody pulp in the cage (which is most of them if we are honest)

How It Works

The Mittmaster MMA syllabus is structured around the three levels of MMA competition.


Each level has three grades.

-Amateur (Level 1)

-Semi-professional (Level 2)

-Professional (Level 3)

The first three levels are amateur levels and focused on MMA fundamentals

The second three levels are semi-professional focus on MMA transitions between striking, takedowns & grappling

The final three levels are focused on professional level skills including cage control, fight strategy and advanced combinations.

The Mittmaster MMA syllabus contains:

  • A fully editable MMA syllabus divided into nine grades.
  • Over 100 support videos showing how each technique works
  • My MMA Fitness system that helps fighters and students get fight fit fast (whilst avoiding injury)
  • My 8 Week Fighter Training plan (which I've used for my amateurs all the way to my pro fighters in the big shows)
  • Guide to MMA nutrition made simple
  • Fight night guide 
  • My perfect lesson guide (how to structure your lessons for enjoyment and retention)

I watched the first UFC and immediately fell in love with Mixed Martial Arts. Like a lot of people, I was blown away by what Royce Gracie could do against bigger, stronger and more athletic opponents. Since then I've been training MMA every week for 18 years.

I was lucky to be able to attend the first real MMA seminar in the UK with Sensei Erik Paulson, Erik was the first person I met who could strike and grapple with equal skill. His seminar blew my mind and I traveled to LA to train with him several times. 

After training for 8 years with Erik and a few UK BJJ coaches I had my first pro MMA fight. I won that fight and all my other fights before I retired due to injury. My last fight was for the UCMMA British Welterweight Title (check out the young pic of me below)

After I retired from competition, I focused on teaching my MMA students and immediately ran into a major problem.

90% of my MMA students didn't want to get into the cage and compete, they just wanted to learn MMA and get fit. 

In order to meet their needs, I started to create an MMA syllabus and hold MMA gradings. I did this to give my students short-term goals and reward them for achieving key milestones. 

This massively improved the retention of my MMA students. They now had structure, goals, and rewards for continuing to train. After adding the MMA syllabus to my school the retention in my MMA classes tripled.

What You Get

  • Editable Syllabus

    Download and edit the full MMA syllabus

  • Over 100 Support Videos

    Get instant access to MMA syllabus videos showing you every drill in detail

  • Watch On Any Device

    Watch on any device at any time

  • Manuals & Coaching Tips

    You also get PDf manuals designed to help you teach the MMA syllabus in your school

  • FREE Bonus Content

    This syllabus also contains bonus grappling content from my friend & 3 X World BJJ Champion Tom Barlow

  • 12 FREE Lesson Plans

    To help you get started with your MMA classes I've also added 12 free lesson plans you can teach immediately



This grappling programme developed by my friend, (and three-time world BJJ champion) Tom Barlow is perfect for MMA schools. His system will drastically decrease learning time and helps your students to get more submissions in class and competitions.

It's a fantastic system because you don’t have to think about what’s going to happen next, you know your partner's likely reactions and have the counters ready.

It’s also a system that helped him to win the Masters No Gi World Championships as a Black Belt THREE years in a row.


Tom has also kindly donated a detailed map that helps you understand his Simple Submission System. It shows you the precise structure and sequence of each submission and how everything links together. 

This MindMap really helped me understand how his submission system works.


You will also get 12 MMA lesson plans based on the syllabus. Use these plans to teach the first couple of months classes using your new MMA syllabus

Each lesson plan is fully editable so you can change anything you like. They are designed to cover the first 30-60 days training, for a brand new student.  

Each lesson plan builds on the last so by the end of two months the students should possess solid basic MMA skills.

MMA Syllabus Reviews

5 star rating

Mittmaster MMA Syllabus

Owen King

Lots of excellent content, broken down into easy to digest sections and very well explained. A written syllabus with video explanations. Great value for money!

Lots of excellent content, broken down into easy to digest sections and very well explained. A written syllabus with video explanations. Great value for money!

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5 star rating

Mittmaster MMA syllabus

Richard Jones

Excellent material from start to finish, presented clearly, accurately and informatively.

Excellent material from start to finish, presented clearly, accurately and informatively.

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5 star rating

MMA Syllabus

Buck Cain

Great information- very detailed instruction

Great information- very detailed instruction

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Does It Work?

    Simple. Select the course you want. Make payment and you get instant online access. You can watch on any device, anywhere at any time!

  • What's Included Inside The Course?

    This online course contains a complete and editable MMA syllabus (from novice to pro fighter), over 60 instructional videos, teaching manuals and 12 MMA lesson plans.

  • What's The Difference Between The MMA Collection & The MMA Syllabus?

    The MMA syllabus is designed for teaching structured MMA classes and to provide the base for a MMA grading system.

    The MMA collection is designed to provide you with a large variety of drills covering a range of MMA styles and systems.

  • Can I Get This Course On DVD?

    Unfortunately we no longer offer DVD's as they are too expensive to produce and ship.

    Plus with online courses you get instant access so no need to wait for the post.

  • What If I Have Questions?

    Please feel free to email me at matt@mittmaster.com

Whats Inside The Syllabus

    1. Welcome To The Mittmaster MMA Syllabus


    2. MMA_Manual

    3. MMA nutrition & weight cutting

    4. 8 Week Fight camp Training Plan

    5. Fight Night Tips

    6. The Perfect Class Structure

    1. Mittmaster MMA Syllabus (Editable Word Document)

    2. Mittmaster MMA Syllabus (PDF)

    1. Yellow MMA Stance & Footwork

    2. Yellow Basic MMA striking

    3. Yellow body tackle

    4. Yellow pummelling

    5. Yellow MMA pad combo 1

    6. Yellow guillotine

    7. Yellow MMA guard

    1. Orange post & wedge

    2. Orange forearm covers

    3. Orange MMA pad drill 2

    4. Orange single leg

    5. Orange pummelling

    6. Orange guard

    1. Red whizzer

    2. Red three level defence

    3. Red pummelling

    4. Red MMA pad drill 3

    5. Red double legs

    6. Red passing guard

    7. Red side control

    8. Red submissions

About this course

  • 95 lessons
  • 6 hours of video content
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