Teaching martial arts to kids can be one of most rewarding parts of being an instructor.

But, if you get it wrong, it can become a nightmare.

First you need an engaging and well-structured syllabus to keep kids excited about their training.

Using a well designed syllabus minimises disruptive behaviour and keeps kids focused on their journey to black belt and beyond.

Boost your kids classes with an expertly developed syllabus designed to get the best from children aged 4-15 years

I’ve spent over 28 years studying martial arts of various forms, including Full Contact Kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA, and JKD.

Today, you can take advantage of a syllabus that synthesizes everything I've learned teaching children over the last 19 years.

Not only will it help you teach and run better kids classes, but it's designed to make gradings easier as well.

Skip the time-consuming planning, editing and second guessing. Use our proven syllabus to develop confident kickboxing kids.

Inside the course you get two complete syllabuses !

To get the best results from training children of different ages need different approaches.

That is why I've included two age-specific syllabuses that cover ages 4-8 and 8-15, so each group receives the specific training they need.


This syllabus builds the foundations for more advanced training as the children mature physically & mentally.

At this early stage It's important to develop basic physical skills and refine them over the years.

The training, drills, and exercises included are focused on teaching them balance, coordination, and general skills needed to succeed in martial arts.

  • Physical Skills

  • Developing balance

  • Hand-eye coordination

  • Better spatial awareness

  • Mental Skills

  • Cooperation with others

  • Developing more focus

  • Respect for other people & belongings


This syllabus builds on the foundations and prepares the students for the journey to black belt mastery.

Additionally, as the students skills develop the syllabus focuses more on sparring skill & self defence ability.

  • Physical Skills

  • Developing solid kickboxing skills

  • Building functional strength

  • Developing aerobic endurance

  • Mental Skills

  • Discipline to succeed

  • Resilience to not give in

  • Confidence to perform

Plus Life Skills For Kids

Both syllabuses also include a life skill component to help your students develop skills that will help them off the mat.

We all know the real benefit of martial arts in not the kicking & punching but the person you become on the journey to black belt and beyond.

These syllabuses are designed to equip your students with the best physical & mental tools on their life's journey

What You Get When You Order Today

  • Fully Editable Syllabuses

    Both syllabuses come in word & pdf formats so you can edit them to make them your own

  • Over 60 instructional videos

    Every technique in the syllabuses has a supporting video that shows you exactly how to teach it

  • Life Skills

    Each syllabus also contains age appropriate life skills training

  • FREE eBook On How To Teach Kids

    This eBook is packed with hard earnt tips and advice on how to teach kids without losing your sanity!

  • Bonus Coaching Content

    The syllabuses also come with bonus content designed to make your job teaching kids easier and more enjoyable

This syllabus was designed to empower any martial arts instructor with a structured system for teaching kickboxing to children aged 4-15 years

I also wanted it to be flexible and adaptable to fit your specific needs.

You can use this syllabus in several ways to boost your own classes and teach students.

This syllabus will work for you if:

  • 1 - You want to take the syllabus as it is and use it as your school's grading syllabus.

    If you don’t want to create a syllabus yourself, you can just use mine as is and start teaching it right away. I wanted to design a syllabus that gives instructors the confidence to get started with the minimum hassle.

  • 2. You want to edit the syllabus adding techniques you like and removing techniques you don’t.

    All of the syllabus documents come in PDF and Word formats, meaning you can easily edit them to suit your system or style. Want to remove a particular technique or drill? No problem. Want to add your own techniques? Easily done!

  • 3 - You want to write your own syllabus based on the ideas and concepts you pick up from mine.

    This syllabus can act as an idea generator for your own syllabus. By studying the techniques selected and the structure of the grades you can use my ideas to build you own syllabus

What's Included?

    1. Welcome & Thank You

    2. Please read first

    3. How to teach kids without going mad

    1. Kids Syllabus age 4-7 (Word File)

    2. Kids Syllabus age 4-7 PDF

    3. Kids Syllabus age 8-15 (Word File)

    4. Kids Syllabus age 8-15 PDF

    5. The Perfect Class Structure Kids

    1. yellow 1 stance

    2. yellow 2 punch

    3. yellow 3 punch

    4. yellow 4 punches

    5. yellow 5 blocking

    6. yellow 6 game

    1. orange 1 kicks

    2. orange 2 defence

    3. orange 3 box combo

    4. orange 4 blocks

    5. orange 5 game

    1. red 1 punches

    2. red 3 box combo

    3. red 2 blocks

    4. red 4 set combo

    5. red 5 sparring

    6. red 6 game

    1. green 1 knees

    2. green 2 defence

    3. green 3 boxing combo

    4. green 4 set combo

    5. green 5 sparring

    6. green 6 game

About this course

  • Editable Kickboxing Syllabuses For Kids Aged 4-15
  • Comes with 60+ detailed instructional videos
  • Instant Access (Watch On Any Device)

What Others Instructors Say About The Syllabuses

5 star rating

Child development at its best

Jordan Squires

This course has been helpful for me as its help me breath new life into my children's classes. The kids are loving the games! Aswell as developing attributes for martial arts, these are also great drills for develping their motorskills, balance an...

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This course has been helpful for me as its help me breath new life into my children's classes. The kids are loving the games! Aswell as developing attributes for martial arts, these are also great drills for develping their motorskills, balance and focus. This course is more than just a few fun games for children, its teaching them core developments every child needs

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5 star rating

Great Instructor

Dean jones

Easy to understand. Well taught drills & techniques

Easy to understand. Well taught drills & techniques

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5 star rating

Very nice


A well thought out and structured syllabus for children.

A well thought out and structured syllabus for children.

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