Discover The Key Ingredient To Creating A Rewarding And Profitable Children's Martial Arts Programme.

Let’s be honest, teaching children's martial arts classes can be hard.

Kids have short attention spans, and the second they stop enjoying your class, it's game over. They’ll start picking the mats, talking to their friends, or thinking about the latest video game rather than focusing on what you’re saying. You end up spending more time trying to control the chaos than teaching.

All kids lose focus once in a while, but if your classes are chaos every day it will become a grind. You'll end up counting down the seconds with dread until the class starts, and then pull your hair out in frustration as you try to teach the simplest of techniques.

Worse yet, if the kids aren’t enjoying your classes and you're frustrated, the parents are going to question whether martial arts classes are right for their child.

However, as I’m sure you've been told before, a good children’s programme is essential to the success of a martial arts academy. Apart from being one of the most rewarding classes to teach when done correctly, children's classes are a vital source of income for most academies.

But Most Instructors Have No Idea How To Make A Kids Classes Engaging...

Unfortunately, most instructors have no idea how to run a successful children’s martial arts programme and try to teach them like adults with a few ‘fun’ games thrown in.

Anyone that’s taught children for an extended period know’s that method doesn’t work long term. In fact, the result of using this approach in your classes are; bored kids, a frustrated instructor, and parents wondering if the battle to get their kids to a class is really worth it.

I’m here to tell you there is another way. With a few simple changes, your kid's classes may just become your favourite to teach, and the most successful part of your school.

How do I know this? For a long time, I used to be just like you. While my kid's classes didn’t completely suck, they definitely needed improving, and they weren't my favourite to teach.

That was until I learned the key ingredient for teaching successful children's martial arts classes. And as soon as I added in this element, my kid's programme took off. The classes turn from frustrating to fun, and they became one of the most profitable programmes in my school. On top of that, the kids actually improved faster.

The Key Ingredients To Success

Most martial arts instructors know, the key to a successful martial arts academy is keeping your students training long term. This will allow your students to develop rock solid skills, and it will help make your school profitable.

To keep students training long term, your classes need to be enjoyable, engaging, and develop their martial arts skills. A kids programme is NO different. If you’re missing any of these elements, you’re not going to keep kids training long term.

Thankfully, there is a simple way to achieve all of these things in every class you teach with very little extra effort. All you have to do is add VARIETY.

After all, variety is the spice of life. And by varying the drills and techniques you teach, the warm-ups, and even the equipment you use, keep your classes fresh and enjoyable for both you and your students.

And it was adding variety that revolutionised my kid's programme and made it what it is today.

To be clear, I don’t mean jumping from technique to technique during a class. What I mean is teaching the same technique or skill through a variety of different drills.

This is called DISGUISED REPETITION and, in my opinion, is the hallmark of a great instructor.

We all know the secret to getting good is practice. But practicing the same technique over and over is BORING, especially for children.

A great instructor, on the other hand, can get you to practice the same technique over and over without you realising it by continually changing drills.

 The Fastest Way To Develop Variety In Your Classes.

There are two ways you can develop variety in your classes. Firstly, you can spend thousands of hours and thousands of pounds researching and developing different drills like I did, OR someone else does all the hard work for you and you just copy them.

Both ways can work, but the second method is by far the easiest, quickest, and cost effective.

Right now, you can access to hundreds of done-for-you kids martial arts drills by joining the Mittmaster Kids Drills Membership Site.


Who am I?

But before we get into the Mittmaster Kids programme, who am I and why should you care?

My name isMatt Chapman aka Mittmaster Matt. I'm a lifelong martial artist, instructor, undefeated British MMA Champion, and run a successful school in the UK.

My Academy has an awesome children’s martial arts programme. Every week we have over one hundred and fifty kids from 5 years to 15 years old attend our classes. The only reason we don’t have more kids is that our classes are full!

More importantly, we have students that began training with us as kids and have kept training until they were adults.

Take Bonita for example. I remember teaching her first lesson when she was a shy 8-year-old;

Now she’s a 21-year-old bad ass that still trains with us and helps teach the kids classes. And Bonita is not an isolated example, we have a vast number of our students who started with us when they were kids and still train with us today.


Just imagine how successful your school would be like if it were packed full of Bonita’s, and other students like her, that have been training consistently for ten plus years.

Your classes would be packed, you wouldn’t have to worry about getting new students, and you could get back to what you love about martial arts; the teaching and the training.

It’s completely possible when you have access to tools like the Mittmaster Kids Drills site.

Introducing The Mittmaster Kids Drills Membership Site

For a long time, I've been building up a library of drills specifically designed for kids. I'm now ready to release it to instructors that are looking to supercharge their classes with new exciting drills every month.

The moment you join you’ll get access to a whole bunch of drills and at least ten new drills will be added every month. I will show everything you need to know to teach the drill and how to teach it to kids of different ages.

All these drills are specifically designed for children and will to keep your classes fun and exciting, and your student's minds interested and engaged.

There are five types of drill within site, including:

- Warm-ups (Age appropriate warm-up drills to use in class)

- Kids Pad Drills (Pad Drills specifically designed for children)

- Fitness & Conditioning Drills (Developmental fitness drills)

- Motor Skills (Drills to develop Balance, Coordination, Dexterity)

- Martial Arts themed games (Fun games to encourage teamwork, communication and listening skills)

Every month you will have access to new drills from each section, so you can add them to the different parts of your classes immediately.

Just think within a few short weeks, your kid's classes could be buzzing with the sound of engaged, energetic children. And the more enjoyable an experience you students have, the more likely they are to refer their friends and the more likely they are to stay longer.

Ultimately, everyone involved, including you, will have a better experience within the class and your martial arts school will be set for success.

Price & Bonus Content

Hopefully, you can see how this site will help you teach exciting, varied classes, and in turn, increase your school's retention and profits.

Better yet, access to the membership site will only cost you about the same as a fancy coffee, only £4.99 a month

Join The Mittmaster Kids Drills Membership Site Today. Just click the button at the top of the page to sign up now.


The moment you sign up, you will get instant access to the first ten videos and every 30 days you get another ten videos, 


As a special bonus for joining today, I will give my new eBook titled

"How To Teach Kids Without Going Mad" completely FREE.

This book is packed full of useful tips I've learned over the last 19 years for teaching kids classes without losing your mind. It's a goldmine of useful & practical information to make your life easier!

To sign up now (and get your FREE eBook) simply click the button below.

I guarantee you won't be disappointed. 

See you on the inside.

- Mittmaster Matt

Mittmaster Kids Drills Reviews

5 star rating

Child development at its best

Jordan Squires

This course has been helpful for me as its help me breath new life into my children's classes. The kids are loving the games! Aswell as developing attributes for martial arts, these are also great drills for develping their motorskills, balance an...

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This course has been helpful for me as its help me breath new life into my children's classes. The kids are loving the games! Aswell as developing attributes for martial arts, these are also great drills for develping their motorskills, balance and focus. This course is more than just a few fun games for children, its teaching them core developments every child needs

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5 star rating

Practical, Useful Drills!

Caura Wood

Excellent content and easy to incorporate. Thank you so much!!!

Excellent content and easy to incorporate. Thank you so much!!!

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5 star rating

Great drills!

jesus rodriguez

The material is consistently amazing throughout your whole system. My young students love training . Your Knowledge in breaking down technique and adding variety is second to none. Good work and thank you for putting it out there.

The material is consistently amazing throughout your whole system. My young students love training . Your Knowledge in breaking down technique and adding variety is second to none. Good work and thank you for putting it out there.

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Whats Inside The Course

    1. Welcome

    1. How To Teach Kids Without Going Mad

    1. Live Support

    1. Mittmaster Kids Drills. Bean Bag Balance (Ages 5-10, Motor Skills)

    2. Mittmaster kid Drills: Belt jumps (Ages 5-10, Conditioning, Motor Skills)

    3. Mittmaster Kids Drills: Resisted bag work (Ages 7-14, Conditioning)

    4. Mittmaster Kids Drills: Crocodile Drill (Ages 5-9, Motor skills, Games)

    5. Mittmaster Kids Drills: Double pad drills (Ages 7-14, Pad Drills, Conditioning)

    6. Mittmaster Kids Drills: Earth quake (Ages 5-9, Motor Skills, Games)

    7. Mittmaster Kids Drills: Freeze Game (Ages 5-12, Motor Skills)

    8. Mittmaster Kids Drills: Hop block (Ages 7-14, Motor skills, Games)

    9. Mittmaster Kids Drills: Kick through hoop (Ages 7-14, Motor Skills)

    10. Mittmaster Kids Drills: Burpee catch (Age 7-12, Motor skills, Game)

    1. Mittmaster Kids Drills: Through Legs (Ages 7-14, Motor skills, Fitness)

    2. Mittmaster kids Drills: Lasso Variations (Ages 5-14, Warm up, Fitness)

    3. Mittmaster Kids Drills: Toe Smasher (Ages 5-9, Motor skills, Games)

    4. Mittmaster KIds Drills: Pad Wrestling (Ages 7-15, Fitness, Warm Ups)

    5. Mittmaster Kids Drills: Monkey drills (Ages 7-14, Motor Skills)

    6. Mittmaster Kid Drills: Peg Sparring (Ages 7-10, Motor skills, Game)

    7. Mittmaster Kids Drills: Heads, knees, toes, go (Age 5-9, Game, Motor Skills)

    8. Mittmaster Kids Drills: Kick control drill (Ages 7-12, Motor Skills)

    9. Mittmaster Kids Drills: Ninja Games (Ages 5-9, Motor Skills, Game)

    10. Mittmaster Kids Drills: Pad Drop (Ages 7-15, Motor skills, Game)

    11. Class Room Demo: Hop Block

    1. Mittmaster Kids Drills: Turn & Punch (Ages 7-14. Pad Drill, Motor Skills)

    2. Mittmaster Kids Drills: Timing Game (Ages 7-14, Motor Skills, Game)

    3. Mittmaster KIds Drills: Pad Flick (Ages 7-10, Motor Skills)

    4. Mittmaster Kids Drills: Pad Jumps (Ages 5-14, warm up, fitness)

    5. MIttmaster Kids Drills: Star Jump Variations (Ages 5-15, warm up, motor skills)

    6. Mittmaster Kids Drills: Numbers (Ages 5-14, Warm Up, Fitness)

    7. Mittmaster Kids Drills: Stance testing (Ages 5-9, Motor Skills)

    8. Mittmaster Kids: Surfs Up (Ages 7-14, Warm up, Game)

    9. Mittmaster Kids Drills: Koala Drill (Ages 7-14, Fitness, Game)

    10. Mittmaster Kids Drills: Jungle Game (Ages, 5-9, Warm up, Fitness)

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Matt Chapman

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Hi, my name is Mittmaster Matt.

I'm a martial arts student for 35 years, instructor for 20 years, author and creator of the Mittmaster Pad Training system.

This unique pad training system includes over 500 pad drills for Boxing, Martial Arts, Kickboxing, Thaiboxing & MMA and is used daily by 10,000 instructors, coaches and school owners around the world.

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