Welcome To The Mittmaster Kickboxing Collection Training (Volume Two)

If you’re an intermediate / advanced student or instructor, Volume Two is for you. 

This collection is designed to be follow The Mittmaster Kickboxing Collection Volume 1. If you haven’t gotten Volume One, click below to learn more about it!


Welcome To Mittmaster

I’ve spent over 25 years studying Kickboxing and various forms of martial arts, including Muay Thai, Jun Fan, Savate, and Ghost.

When you combine the best techniques and tactics into one fluid system, you start to master and see Kickboxing in a whole new way.

This experience has built the basis of the systems I teach now. In Volume One, we focused on the foundations for this system.

Volume two builds on these fundamentals. At this level the Mittmaster System focuses on getting students ready to move onto competition or teaching themselves.

Inside Kickboxing Collection Volume Two

✔︎  200 Training Videos take you through the introduction of advanced concepts to mastery drills to improve your skills for years to come.

✔︎  You learn how to apply the fundamentals into advanced tactics hardly anyone else uses on the mat to gain a natural edge. 

Pushing yourself to higher levels in the sport takes the right training & dedication. Following the Mittmaster system gives you an clear roadmap to kickboxing mastery.

Here's What You Get Inside The Course

  • Mittmaster Fighter Drills

  • Mittmaster Unorthodox Attacks

  • Mittmaster Kicking Drills Level Two

  • Mittmaster Superman Punches

  • Mittmaster Punchbag Drills

  • Mittmaster Savate Drills

  • Bonus “100 Essential Pad Drills”

Sample Videos From The Course

This course contains over 6 hours of instruction with 200 pad drills designed to  keep you improving for years to come.

Your Instructor

Founder of Mittmaster.com

Matt Chapman

Hi, my name is Mittmaster Matt.

I'm a martial arts student for 35 years, instructor for 20 years, author and creator of the Mittmaster Pad Training system.

This unique pad training system includes over 500 pad drills for Boxing, Martial Arts, Kickboxing, Thaiboxing & MMA and is used daily by 10,000 instructors, coaches and school owners around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Does It Work?

    Simple. Select the course you want. Make payment and you get instant online access. You can watch on any device, anywhere at any time!

  • What's Included Inside The Course?

    The courses contains over 200 kickboxing instructional drills covering intermediate & advanced pad drills, kicking combinations, fighters training, unorthodox attacks and superman variations

  • What's The Difference Between The Kickboxing Collection & The Kickboxing Syllabus?

    The kickboxing collection (volumes 1&2) are designed to provide you with a large variety of kickboxing drills covering a range of styles and systems

    The kickboxing syllabus is designed for teaching structured kickboxing classes and to provide the base for a kickboxing grading system.

  • Can I Get This Course On DVD?

    Unfortunately we no longer offer DVD's as they are too expensive to produce and ship.

    Plus with online courses you get instant access so no need to wait for the post.

  • What If I Have Questions?

    Please feel free to email me at matt@mittmaster.com