Mittmaster Equipment Drills

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Hi, Mittmaster Matt here

Although I'm mainly known for my Focus Mitt drills I also love using other pieces of training equipment.

This Equipment Collection Includes Five Instructional Videos Including:

🥊Mittmaster Punchbag Drills
🥊Mittmaster Striking Sticks Drills
🥊Mittmaster Thai Pad Drills 1
🥊Mittmaster Thai Pad Drills 2
🥊Mittmaster Kick shield drills

Here's what's included in each course....

Course 1: Mittmaster Punchbag Drills

  • 6ft Banana bag drills
  • 5ft Boxing bag drills
  • Teardrop clinch bag drills
  • Top / Bottom speed bag drills
  • Free standing punchbag drills
  • Ground & Pound bag drills

This is a very comprehensive video that teaches over 50 punchbag drills you can use immediately. It's great for coaches and those looking to add variety to their punchbag sessions

Course 2: Mittmaster Striking Stick Drills

  • How to hold the striking sticks
  • The new improved design of striking sticks
  • Basic techniques
  • Striking combinations
  • Boxing combinations
  • Covers & counters
  • Head movement basics
  • Snap-back series
  • Shoulder rolling
  • Scoop & counter
  • Trapping techniques
  • Footwork drills

Striking sticks are a great tool to develop speed and accuracy and prevent you, the pad holder from getting injured.

Course 3: Mittmaster Thai Pads Drills 1

  • How to hold the thai pads. The basic of safely holding the thai pads
  • Jab - Cross series. The basic striking structure of muay thai
  • 4 counts. Core kick & punch drills used in muay thai
  • Knee drills. How to use the muay thai knee correctly
  • Entry to the clinch. How to get to clinch range safely
  • Spin back elbows. Ways to land this powerful surprise attack
  • Catching the kicks. How to catch a kick and follow up quickly
  • Kick escapes. How to escape your leg if it's caught
  • Fish hook drill. A basic power dominant striking drill
  • 20 count conditioning drill. A great thai pad conditioning drill that includes all your basic muay thai strikes. 

Course 4: Mittmaster Thai Pad Drills 2

  • Warm-ups. Unique Muay Thai warm up drills I learnt in Thailand.
  • Boxing & Elbows. How to integrate the elbow with single punches and boxing combinations
  • Elbow Blitz. A brutal elbow combination that trains all your elbow attack angles
  • Elbow Defence. Three simple ways to defend against elbow strikes
  • Round kick angles. How to use the round kick correctly depending on your target
  • The round kick series. A drill which covers all the basic round kicks and defences
  • Split fish hook drill. My infamous split fish hook drill
  • Shin check counters. How to block & counter quickly, useful for sparring classes)
  • Front kick counters. New front kick counters and follow-ups
  • And loads more thai pad magic

Course 5: Mittmaster Kick Shield Drills

  • Different types of kick shield (the different types of kick shield and how to use them)
  • Basic Kick combos (basic power kicking combinations)
  • Intermediate kick combos (advanced kicking combos for senior students)
  • Stop kicking (how to stop an aggressive opponent from moving forward)
  • Kick sectors (learning the right time to kick to maximise range and power)
  • Pivoting drill (getting offline and landing a powerful counter kick)
  • Chasing kick drills (how to chase someone down)
  • Kick shield and focus mitt (mixing the mitts and kick shield)
  • Chopping the tree (power low kicking drills)
  • MMA sprawl drill (using the kick shield for MMA training) 
  • Punching the kick shield (developing punching power and endurance on the shield)

Plus New Upgrades For 2022

You also get two extra courses for FREE

  • 🥊 Bullseye Pad Course 🥊

    Covering how to use the boxing bullseye pad for Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai & MMA

  • 🥊 Coaching Mitts Course 🥊

    How to use boxing coaching mitts to train defence and offence simultaneously!

  • 📝 PDF Summary Sheets 📝

    Order now and get downloadable PDF files with each course covering all the drills taught in the course.

    You can print these out, take them to the school / gym and run through the drills with your partner or class

Whats Inside The Course

    1. Mittmaster Striking Stick Drills

    2. Striking Sticks Summary

    1. Mittmaster Thai pad drills 1

    2. Thai Pad Drills 1 Summary

    3. Mittmaster Thai pad drills 2

    4. Thai Pad Drills 2 Summary

    1. Mittmaster Punchbag Drills

    2. Punch Bag Drills Summary Sheet

    1. Mittmaster Kick Shield Drills

    2. Punchbag drills summary

    1. 25_Bonus Punchbag_Drills

    1. Bullseye Pad Basics

    2. Bullseye Pad Knees & Elbows

    3. Bullseye Pad Kicks

    4. Bullseye Pad & Focus Mitt

    5. Bullseye Pad & Focus Mitt MMA

About this course

  • 33 lessons
  • 6 hours of video content
  • New Content Added For 2022

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Matt Chapman

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Hi, my name is Mittmaster Matt.

I'm a martial arts student for 35 years, instructor for 20 years, author and creator of the Mittmaster Pad Training system.

This unique pad training system includes over 500 pad drills for Boxing, Martial Arts, Kickboxing, Thaiboxing & MMA and is used daily by 10,000 instructors, coaches and school owners around the world.