Mittmaster Boxing Syllabus

The ability to strike with speed, accuracy, and power is the foundation of all striking arts and boxers are the best punchers on the planet. Boxing is based on one fundamental principle:

“To hit and not be hit”

This syllabus is designed to help anyone who teaches boxing at any level. If you are a coach it will help you structure your classes and formalise a grading syllabus if you feel your students would benefit from one. 

Typically there are no gradings in boxing, you either fight or you don’t. However just because there has never been a syllabus for boxing doesn’t mean that there shouldn’t be one. 

I believe a well-structured syllabus helps students of all fighting arts learn in a more structured, logical manner. It also allows a coach to assess different boxers against a set standard.

Boxing has also recently opened up to students who only want to get fit through boxing and don’t have any desire to compete. For this type of client, a syllabus provides short-term goals that help motivate and inspire.

Even if you never use the syllabus to grade your boxers it will provide a different perspective on how to teach boxing and will enhance your creativity as a coach.

The Mittmaster Boxing Syllabus is based around three levels club, amateur & pro. Each level contains three grades.

Level 1: Club Boxer (Grades 1-3)

This level focuses on the basics of boxing starting with stance, footwork, mechanics and the execution of the four basic punches and defences.

Level 2: Amateur Boxer (Grades 4-6)

This level focuses on intermediate boxing skills that are required in order for a boxer to begin competing. This includes integrating footwork & head movement, slipping and countering effectively. At this level, we also look at developing a basic understanding of ringcraft.

Level 3: Professional Boxer (Grades 7-9)

This level focuses on the skills & drills used by professional boxers. This includes advanced combinations, fakes & feints, set ups, clinch work, dirty boxing tricks, punch variations and strategies to deal with different types of opponent.

(this obviously doesn’t mean that a student at this level is a professional boxer, they need to fight and win to be that).

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🥊Printable Posters

Free digital copies of my “Boxers Basics” posters which cover the core concepts and fundamentals of boxing. You can print and hang these in your club or distribute them to your students to help them remember the basics.

🥊Student Tip Sheets

My Boxing tip sheets: Editable tips sheets that help your students remember key points from your classes

🥊Bonus Lesson Plans

12 Lesson plans covering the first two grades. Detailed lesson plans you can use in your classes immediately.

🥊Favourite Fighter Analysis

This is my analysis of my favourite boxers’ technique and style. It will include video breakdowns of top fighters’ technique and combinations including Ali, Tyson, Loma, Mayweather, Triple G, and other greats.

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Boxing Syllabus Reviews

5 star rating

Great content

(Oluwatosin) Emmanuel OLUWOLE

A great selections of drills & skills for all levels

A great selections of drills & skills for all levels

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5 star rating

Great Stuff

Kris Schulte

Really enjoyed this as a refresher. Like the sparring drills. I do one on one with clients mainly for Fitness. But I love to box and this will really help me out! So Far Great Stuff🥊

Really enjoyed this as a refresher. Like the sparring drills. I do one on one with clients mainly for Fitness. But I love to box and this will really help me out! So Far Great Stuff🥊

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5 star rating


Jaime Nieto



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Whats Inside The Syllabus

    1. Please Read First

    2. The-Perfect-Class-Structure

    3. Boxing Syllabus Version 1

    4. Boxing Syllabus Editable Version 1

    5. Dirty Dozen Warm Ups

    1. 3 Methods To Wrap Your Hands

    1. grade 1 stance & footwork

    2. grade 1 the for r's

    3. grade 1 jab

    4. grade 1 cross

    5. grade 1 metronome

    6. grade 1 numbers

    7. grade 1 combo

    8. grade 1 defence

    9. grade 1 sparring

    1. grade 2 stance

    2. grade 2 footwork

    3. grade 2 metronome & footwork

    4. grade 2 hooks & uppercuts

    5. grade 2 numbers

    6. grade 2 combo 2

    7. grade 2 hook uppercut defence

    8. grade 2 sparring

    1. grade 3 stance

    2. grade 3 footwork

    3. grade 3 over and liver

    4. grade 3 numbers

    5. grade 3 defence

    6. grade 3 boxing combo

    7. grade 3 sparring

    1. grade 4 footwork

    2. grade 4 jab variations

    3. grade 4 cross variations

    4. grade 4 chaining

    5. grade 4 defences

    6. grade 4 combo

    7. grade 4 jab series

    8. grade 4 cross series

    9. grade 4 jab cross series combined

    10. grade 4 sparring

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