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Many martial arts schools struggle to retain their students past black belt. 

This commonly happens for two reasons

1. The instructor has unintentionally front loaded the syllabus so by the time the student has reached black belt they know most of technical requirements and therefore have nothing new to learn.

2. The instructor doesn't set new goals / challenges so their new black belts get bored and demotivated.

I had exactly the same problems when I graded my first group of black belts 15 years ago, most quit soon after getting their black belt. Doh!

After years of experimentation and frustration I finally worked out the solution is having a well structured and challenging grading syllabus for your black belt students that provides a clear path to growth.

Once I implemented the new syllabus EVERY SINGLE black belt student continued training hard for many years after. 

In fact I havent lost a single black belt since (other than from injury or moving away).

And as you know the real secret to building a successful school is keeping students for as long as possible!


The Mittmaster Advanced Kickboxing Syllabus is designed to keep your black belts challenged, engaged and excited to continue learning. 

One key difference from other syllabuses is that it is "modular" meaning your new black belts get to work towards short term goals on the way to their next dan grade. 

As with all Mittmaster syllabuses the Advanced Kickboxing Syllabus is fully editable. You can add your own drills and combos or remove anything that doesn't work for you or your school.

Here's what you will get in the Mittmaster Advanced KIckboxing Syllabus:

  • A complete and editable advanced kickboxing syllabus covering 1st Dan - 3rd Dan
  • Over 70 support videos showing you every technique in the syllabus in detail
  • 12 Advanced kickboxing lessons plans you can use to teach classes immediately
  • Tip sheets to help you make best use of the syllabus


Order the Advanced Kickboxing Syllabus today and you will also get BONUS content including:

  • A free copy of my Syllabus Success System that teaches you how to create a syllabus that keeps students training for longer. Includes videos, manuals and action steps (worth £99)

  • My Advanced Coaching Manual that I used for 10 years to keep black belts excited about their training! This is packed full of tips, tricks tactics I learnt teaching martial arts for 35 years (worth = 35 years of blood, sweat & tears 😂)

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Mittmaster Matt

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Does It Work?

    Simple. Select the course you want. Make payment and you get instant online access. You can watch on any device, anywhere at any time!

  • What's Included Inside The Course?

    The courses contains over 70 technical instructional videos, an editable syllabus, advanced coaching manual and 12 lesson plans

  • Can I Get This Course On DVD?

    Unfortunately we no longer offer DVD's as they are too expensive to produce and ship. Plus with online courses you get instant access so no need to wait for the post.

  • What If I Have Questions?

    Please feel free to email me at matt@mittmaster.com