Online Course Blueprint

This course covers EVERYTHING I've learnt going from £0-£1 million in online course sales

Filmed live at a two day workshop we cover my complete system to plan, build, launch & scale an online course business

Developed for the novice course creator, it provides a step by step system for going from idea, through constructuion to launch & beyond

Let me help you get your course launched faster, with less stress & zero overwhelm

Who Is This Course For?

  • Perfect for anyone that has a passion they want to share with the world

  • Works for anyone willing to follow a clear roadmap and take consistent action until successful

  • Ideal for people who have a goal beyond making a quick buck online

Who Is This Course NOT For?

  • If you are not willing to commit a few hours per week to your new online business, this course is NOT for you

  • If you are looking for a get rich quick scheme this course is NOT for you

  • If you don't take pride in what you create, this course is NOT for you

Who Am I?

And why should you listen to me...

Hi my name is Matt

I'm a lifelong Martial Artist and former owner of a Martial Arts school of 400 members

After running my school for over 20 years I felt I needed a challenge, so started creating online courses

I immediately made ZERO sales! In fact it took 364 days to make my first sale of £7.99

After that I went on a quest to learn everything I could about online courses. read the books, went to all the seminars, and invested £1000's in coaching

And after A LOT of trial and error my online course business took off and has now passed £1 million in sales

I now help other passionate people plan, build, launch & scale their own online course businesses

Whats Inside The Course

    1. 1. Introduction

    2. 2. Losing Mindset

    3. 3. Losing mindset continued & winning mindset

    4. 4. Online reality & my journey

    5. 5. Important questions to answer

    6. 6. Ikigai & seminar strategy

    7. 7a. Customer research 1

    8. 7b. Customer research 2

    9. 8. 1000 true fans

    10. 9. Competitor research 1

    11. 10. Competitor research 2

    12. 11. Hardware & software

    13. 12. Product ecosystem

    14. 13 Course elements

    15. 14. Setting up your platform

    16. 15. Website design

    17. 16. Sales page design & pricing strategy

    18. 17. Validating your idea & questions

    1. 1. Intro And How I Can Help You Get Started Quicker and Avoid Pains and Problems

    2. 2. Number 1 Mistake And How To Get An Audience

    3. 3. Ask Your Audience And Then Build It

    4. 4. Know, Like & Trust And How To Build It

    5. 5. Launching Your Course

    6. 6. Borrowing Your Audience

    7. 7. Build Your Own Audience

    8. 8. What To Post On Social Media

    9. 9. Build Your Own Irresistible Offer

    10. 10. Joseph Campbell Hero's Journey

    11. 11. How To Create More Content

    12. 12. Splintering Your Content

    13. 13. Buy An Audience - Paid Ads

    14. 14. Email And Non-Digital Marketing

    15. 15. Launch plan

    16. 16. The Online Course Success Machine

    17. 17. Recommended Reading

    1. Action Step 1

    2. Action Step 2

    3. Action Step 3

    4. Action Step 4

    5. Action Step 5

    6. Action Step 6

    7. Action Step 7

    8. Action Step 8

    9. Action Step 9

    1. Sell More Courses Part 1

    2. Sell More Courses Part 2

    1. Here's how I can help you

About this course

  • £195.00
  • Over 6 Hours HD Video Content
  • Includes Downloadable Checklists & Action Steps
  • Includes BONUS workshop on generating more sales

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What You Get

  • Instant Online Access

    Get instant online access to the complete Million Pound Course Blueprint Workshop recorded in HD

  • PDF Action Steps

    Download, fill out & follow my action step sheets to get things going quickly

  • Get Online Supprt

    Message me at any time to get help, support, advice and an answers to any questions that you have

  • FREE Bonus Workshop

    Get a FREE copy of my Sell More Course Workshop Recording