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  • Bob Breen (JKD / 4D Master) 
  • Phil Norman (Creator of Ghost)
  • Kru Prathet (Muay Thai Fighter)
  • Tony Davis & Matt Frost (Self Defence Experts)
  • Anton St James (Eskrima & Filipino Boxing Grandmaster)
  • Nathan Leverton (MMA Master  Instructor)
  • Tom Barlow (3 x World No Gi Champion)

Here's a breakdown of each instructor and what they teach

Phil Norman – Ghost Elusive Striking

In this video, Phil Norman teaches his brand new system ‘Ghost Elusive Striking’. Phil developed this system after getting knocked out during an MMA fight he was previously dominating. 

He created the Ghost system to enable the striker to avoid getting hit whilst setting up the opponent for attacks from the side or behind.

In this video, Phil covers the fundamental concepts of ghost, the basic strikes, angles and set ups needed to keep you safe from danger. He also goes into detail demonstrating some of the advanced ghost techniques. 

Ghost Elusive fighting is in my opinion, one of the very best striking systems I’ve ever trained. 

There is literally nothing else like it being taught today. It enables you to avoid the majority of your opponents’ strikes, whilst getting in all your own shots. It’s really, really good.

Bob Breen – JKD Evolution / 4D Combat

Everyone in the UK Martial Arts scene knows who Bob Breen is. He is a pioneer and leader, being one of the first British Karate Black Belts and the first UK full instructor under Guro Dan Inosanto. 

He has taken his 50 years’ experience in combat arts and created a brand new stand up striking style called 4D Stand Up Fighting.

This system is very simple, direct and powerful. It works by strategically limiting the number of choices and techniques your opponent can use, forcing them to make mistakes which you can capitalise on. 

In this video, Bob covers the core 4D techniques, applications against single and multiple attackers and advanced concepts that will elevate your striking game. 

Bob is, in my opinion, one of the best instructors in Europe.

Kru Prathet – Muay Thai

Kru Prathet was one of my instructors during my several trips to Thailand at Tiger Muay Thai. He is a world class fighter and coach, having over 200 wins in Muay Thai and Boxing combined. 

In this video, he starts teaching fundamental Muay Thai techniques leading into slick Thai pad combinations and advanced clinching techniques.

This video is packed full of top quality Muay Thai technique and drills. There is nothing quite like being taught by an experienced Thai fighter. His knowledge of the striking game is off the charts.

Tony Davis & Matt Frost – Renegade Street Tactics

Tony Davis and Matt Frost are two former KFM instructors who specialise in teaching self-protection. Both Matt and Tony have real-life experience with real street encounters and teach a very functional system of practical self-defence. 

This video focuses on how to deal with grabs, punches and concepts for confronting multiple attackers. These are two seriously knowledgeable self defence experts.

Anton St James: Filipino Boxing

Anton was my very first instructor. He has taught me more than anyone I know. He taught me all my fundamental kickboxing, muay thai and JKD skills. He also has been training Filipino martial arts for over 45 years.

In this video he covers the differences between western boxing and Filipino boxing, basic striking patterns, using the hammers and advanced combos on the pads whilst switching leads. At the end of the video I also teach a section on close range striking and common takedowns used in Filipino martial arts.

Nathan Leverton: MMA Master Coach

Nathan is considered by many as one of the very best MMA coaches in Europe. 

He has a very detailed and technical knowledge of MMA & No Gi grappling and has taught numerous World Class fighters including Dan Hardy & Paul Daley.

In this video, Nathan looks at ways to attack the turtle position in MMA. Its a great video with an enormous amount of technical detail. 

If you train or fight in MMA you need to see this awesome gameplan for attacking the turtle position.

Tom Barlow: 3 x BJJ World Champion

Tom is one of the best grapplers the UK has ever created. He has competed in hundreds of grappling competitions and won the No- Gi Worlds three years in a row.

In this seminar Tom teaches his "mount of death". This system helps you develop a solid and smothering mount that forces your opponent to make mistakes in order to escape which then sets up a series of devastating submissions. 

This is your chance to get taught by my very own instructors, who have all had a massive influence on the Mittmaster Pad System.

Without these fantastic coaches, I could not have created the Mittmaster system.

I owe all my success to their kindness, generosity and willingness to be open and share. 


Mittmaster Matt

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    1. Super Seminar Bob Breen pt1

    2. Super Seminar Bob Breen pt2

    1. Super Seminar Phil Norman pt1

    2. Super Seminar Phil Norman pt2

    1. Super Seminar - Anton St James

    1. Super Seminar - Nathan Leverton

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