Master this one skill, and you'll never have to worry about filling your classes again...

I've been helping martial arts school owners with their marketing for over 10 years. During that time I've seen countless amazing instructors struggle to get new students through the doors.

As a result, these world-class teachers with decades of experience and martial arts gold to share have tiny classes, struggle to make a living, and too often end up broke.

Unfortunately, marketing gets a bad reputation in the martial arts world. A lot of instructors feel the moment they market their school, they become a McDojo or a sell-out.

(this picture always makes me smile)

However, that couldn't be further from the truth...

Marketing doesn't make you a bad person, a sell out, or devalue your martial arts skills.

In fact, it's quite the opposite. If you've dedicated your life to mastering your martial art, why wouldn't you want to share that experience with as many people as possible?

Marketing Will Help You Do That.

With a little marketing knowledge, you can pack your school with as many new members as you want each month.

But before we get into that, you might be wondering who I am and....

Why Should You Listen To Me?

My name is Matt Chapman, AKA "Mittmaster Matt". I am a life long martial artists, instructor, and founder of the Mittmaster Pad system.

Until a few years ago, I ran a very successful martial arts academy which consistently had over 400 members for over a decade.

However, it didn't start like that...

Like most people who get into teaching martial arts, my main goal for opening a gym was to have a place where I could do what I loved every day. The business side of it came second.

My marketing plan basically consisted of teaching awesome classes and (hoping to) get referrals.

And shockingly, it worked! 

We quickly grew to the point we could move to a full-time premises.

And that's when things started to go wrong...

While we could teach classes whenever we wanted, our overheads dramatically increased, and our highly "advanced" marketing plan no longer met the business's needs.

After stagnating for a few months, and countless sleepless nights worrying about paying the bills, I realised I needed to up my game and learn how to generate new students on demand.

(this is not me but I often felt this during those early painful days)

So, I read every marketing book I could get my hands on, attended seminars with marketing experts and even earnt an accredited diploma in internet marketing.

(might of overdone it on the marketing books)

And by applying what I learnt my school grew to 400 members and stayed at that level for over 10 years!

The same tools also helped me launch my online pad training system, Mittmaster - which has just passed £500K in earnings all as result of the marketing skills I learnt years ago.

And I Want To Show You How To Do The Same...

Introducing Martial Arts Marketing With Matt

I've created this coaching program to help martial arts instructors access marketing tools, training and tips so that they can build the school and life of their dreams

Inside you will find monthly training, action sheets, advice from marketing specialists and a clear road map to marketing success

Read on to see what's included...

Here's what you get each month

  • Monthly live group training with Matt where we go in depth into one of the 10 core areas of marketing (these will be recorded and kept in the group so you can access them at any time)

  • The notes from these meetings will be edited and turned into "action workbooks" so that you know exactly what you are doing each month

  • I'll also be inviting special guests to give you training on specfic marketing topics such as design, copywriting, facebook ads, video editing & more

  • Every month we will recommend a tool that will make marketing your martial arts school easier

  • PLUS each month we will do a hot seat where we ask a volunteer to share their marketing problems and we work together to solve it for them live

  • Most importantly you will get to meet many likeminded instructors who will help, inspire and encourage you to do your best work

How It Works

  • Sign Up & Get Started Immediately

    Once you join the group I will book a zoom call with you to discuss where you are and where you want to be...

  • Help & Support When You Need It

    Get help with your latest marketing campaigns. Just jump in the group and ask

  • Learn Anywhere At Any Time

    Instant access online. Join the meetings or watch the recordings on any device

  • Get New Marketing Ideas For Your Martial Arts School

    Get the latest marketing ideas all in one place

  • Meet Other Like Minded Martial Arts Instructors

    Ask questions, share your problems and get support from like minded people

  • Never Get Stuck Again

    Create A Plan, Take Action & Watch Your School Grow

Who Is This For (and NOT for)?

  • Martial arts instructors and school owners who honestly know they lack marketing skills but are willing to learn and apply

  • Martial arts instructors and school owners who are already having a certain level of success with their marketing but feel they could do better

  • This group is NOT for martial arts instructors and school owners who have all the students they ever need!

  • Or for those not willing to learn and try new tactics

How To Get Started

3 Super Simple Steps...

Getting started is easy

Step 1. Click the button below,

Step 2. Enter your details and payment info (you wont be charged for 30 days and if you don't want to continue just send me a message to cancel at anytime)

Step 3. Once inside the group please book a Zoom meeting with me so we can get you started and discuss where you are and where you want to be