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This course contains the three books I wished I had read before I'd opened my Martial Arts School.

Instead I wasted time and money making every mistake possible on the way to creating a profitable school of 400 members.

Save yourself time, stress and heartache and learn from someone who has been there, bought the t shirt and sold their martial arts school!

Matt Chapman
Former school owner & creator of the Mittmaster pad system

Get Instant Access To 3 Essential Martial Arts Business eBooks

  • eBook 1: Black Belt Biz. The fundamentals of building a profitable martial arts business

  • eBook 2: 99 Ways To Get A Student. A collection of 99 martial arts marketing tactics that work

  • eBook 3: 30 Retention Strategies For Martial Arts Schools. How to keep your students training for longer

Everything You Need To Build A Profitable Martial Art School

I want to help other martial arts instructors avoid the pain and stress I experienced when I opened my school.

I spent 19 years running a profitable martial arts school of 400 members (and four franchises in the local area) but in the beginning I made every mistake possible!

After a lot of suffering I finally worked out a system that works, but boy was it tough at the start.

Like most martial arts instructors I wasn't given any formal business training when I started my school so i had to learn everything by painful trial & error.

I don't want you to have to struggle or suffer unnecessarily. 

Its always better to follow a tried & tested path to success and these books will show you the way.

This collection includes 3 eBooks covering the core elements of any successful martial arts business.

  • eBook 1: Black Belt Biz (118 pages)
  • eBook 2: 99 Ways To Get A Student (105 pages)
  • eBook 3: 30 Retention Strategies For Martial Arts Schools (60 pages)

Save yourself time, energy, stress and money! 

Invest in these eBooks, apply the lessons to your own business and see your school grow.

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