Welcome To Stickboxing

Stickboxing is an exciting art combining Filipino Stick Fighting with Kickboxing.

I developed the Mittmaster Stickboxing System five years ago as a way to introduce Filipino weapon training to my kickboxing students.

The problem I found was that my kickboxing students often struggled with the movements and mechanics of weaponary. 

After a lot of experimentation I worked out if I combined Kickboxing with Filipino Martial Arts the students picked up the skills faster and easier.  They were able to use the kicks, punches and body mechanics they are familiar just while holding a weapon. 

This intro course covers the first of three levels that are part of the Mittmaster Stickboxing System.

It includes

  • Stickboxing stance
  • Stick fundamentals
  • Basic striking mechanics
  • Angles of attack
  • Stickboxing pad drills
  • Power shots
  • Blocks & counters
  • Stickboxing combinations
  • Stickboxing to takedowns

Who is it for?

This course is designed for students and instructors of empty handed striking systems who want to learn weaponry without having to relearn everything they have already know. 

I have kept the core strikes and movements you know from kickboxing, K1 & Muay Thai and added basic Filipino Stick techniques. 

The Mittmaster Stickboxing System is great if you:

  • Are a striker who wants to learn some basic weaponary.
  • Or a striking instructor who wants to offer something extra to your students who may be unfamiliar with weapons.
  • Perhaps, you are a Filipino Martial Arts instructor who is looking for a simple system that integrates weapons with empty handed striking.

As this is an introduction to Stickboxing I've keep the price really low, only £25.00 / $32 for lifetime access. 

Once you have purchased and viewed the material if you'd like to learn more please email me and if there is enough interest I will then film the complete system.


Anyone who has bought this introductory programme will also get a discount on the full programme when it is available.


What's Inside The Course

    1. Stickboxing basics

    2. Stickboxing hand strikes

    3. Stickboxing angles 1-8

    4. Stickboxing 3 part long range combo

    5. Stickboxing 3 part pad drill

    6. Stickboxing roof block

    7. Stickboxing roof block chain

    8. Stickboxing roof to front kick

    9. Stickboxing shield block

    10. Stickboxing pad drill 1

    11. Stickboxing pad drill 2

    12. Stickboxing pad drill 3

    13. Stickboxing knee shot

    14. Stickboxing knee shot defence

    15. Stickboxing knee shot defence & roof

    16. Stickboxing roof block to crash

    17. Stickboxing roof block to bodylock

    18. Stickboxing roof block to double leg

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About this course

  • 19 lessons
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