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Filipino Boxing differs from Western Boxing in a number of critical ways.

Firstly Filipino Boxing is not designed for sport fighting. It includes many techniques that are illegal in normal boxing including head butts, eye gouges, wrenches, and hammers. 

Secondly, Filipino Boxing has no wasted motions. Every technique and movement is designed to inflict maximum damage as quickly as possible.

Thirdly it is designed to be used when under attack from multiple assailants.  It was developed to finish the person in front you fast so you can exit at an angle onto the next opponent. 

For this reason, it is quick, brutal and very effective.

However, despite all these great elements I often struggled when applying some of the drills and techniques against resisting partners.

So over the years, I modified many of the techniques to make them work for me and found it also made them more functional for most of my students. 

The Mittmaster Filipino Boxing syllabus is comprised of nine grades from white to black belt

The Mittmaster Filipino Boxing Syllabus Includes:

  • The 8 Principles of Filipino Boxing
  • The essential footwork drills that make it all work
  • Simple destruction techniques
  • Hammers EVERYWHERE
  • Sweeps & trips
  • Throws & takedowns (modified to make them work for us normal folk)
  • Traps & counter traps
  • Low line kicking drills
  • Knees & elbows
  • Bumping and off balancing
  • Integrating the head butt into boxing
  • Power slapping techniques
  • Joint cranks and breaking techniques
  • Dirty boxing drills
  • Practical lock flows
  • And a whole lot more

This is the LARGEST and most DETAILED syllabus I've ever created 

Inside you will get instant access to: 

  • Over 70 detailed Filipino Boxing videos showing you everything in the syllabus
  • An editable syllabus you can use immediately
  • Training manual to help you use the syllabus in your classes
  • 12 Filipino Boxing lesson plans you can use to teach from today 
I've been training Filipino Boxing for over 20 years now. I was very lucky to meet a Grandmaster of the Filipino Arts when I was 19 years old.

Anton St James taught me the Filipino Martial Arts daily for over 6 years. We studied stick, knife, staff, palm stick and of course lots of Filipino Boxing.

He was, and is, a master of all the Filipino Arts

When I moved to London to get my degree I was fortunate enough to get to train at Bob Breen's infamous JKD/ Kali academy during its heyday.

Bob, as you will know, is considered one of the worlds best instructors in Filipino Martial Arts. Bob is all about practical application. If you can't make it work for real he doesn't teach it.

I was also lucky enough to train with many visiting instructors at Bobs Academy including Dan Inosanto, Phil Norman, Rick Young. Marc McFann and Mike Inay.

I still train Filipino Martial Arts & JKD with Bob every week
bob breen  phil norman mittmaster

Filipino Boxing Syllabus Reviews

5 star rating


Graeme Campbell

Straight forward and interesting tuition, very clear. Looking forward to learning more.

Straight forward and interesting tuition, very clear. Looking forward to learning more.

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5 star rating

Brilliant material

Mark Harrell

Very simple and effective. Easy for students to learn and develop. Recommended

Very simple and effective. Easy for students to learn and develop. Recommended

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Does It Work?

    Simple. Select the course you want. Make payment and you get instant online access. You can watch on any device, anywhere at any time!

  • What's Included Inside The Course?

    The courses contains a complete and editable Filipino Boxing syllabus (from beginner to black belt), over 60 instructional videos, teaching manuals and 12 Filipino Boxing lesson plans.

  • What's The Difference Between The Filipino Boxing Collection & The Filipino Boxing Syllabus?

    The Filipino Boxing syllabus is designed to help teach structured classes and to provide the base for a Filipino Boxing grading system.

    The Filipino Boxing collection is designed to provide you with a large variety of drills covering a range of Filipino Boxing styles and systems.

  • Can I Get This Course On DVD?

    Unfortunately we no longer offer DVD's as they are too expensive to produce and ship.

    Plus with online courses you get instant access so no need to wait for the post.

  • What If I Have Questions?

    Please feel free to email me at matt@mittmaster.com

What Inside The Syllabus

  1. 1

    • Filipino Boxing Syllabus V.1 (Word Doc)

    • Filipino Boxing Syllabus PDF

    • Filipino Boxing Principles

  2. 2
    • Yellow Stance

    • yellow footwork

    • yellow numbers

    • yellow kicking

    • yellow knees & elbows

    • yellow destructions

    • yellow trapping

    • yellow grappling

  3. 3
    • orange stance

    • orange footwork

    • orange numbers

    • orange elbow

    • orange trapping

    • orange kicking

    • orange destruction

    • orange grappling

  4. 4
    • red footwork

    • red punches

    • red kicking

    • red elbows

    • red destructions

    • red trapping

    • red grappling

  5. 5
    • green stance

    • green footwork

    • green punching

    • green kicking

    • green elbows & knees

    • green destructions

    • green trapping

    • green grappling

  6. 6
    • blue stance & footwork

    • blue punches

    • blue kicking

    • blue elbows

    • blue destructions

    • blue trapping

    • blue grappling

  7. 7
    • purple stance

    • purple footwork

    • purple head movement

    • purple punching

    • purple kicking

    • purple elbows

    • purple destruction

    • purple trapping

    • purple grappling (1)

  8. 8
    • brown stance

    • brown footwork

    • brown punches

    • brown kicking

    • brown sectoring

    • brown dirty boxing

    • brown destructions

    • brown grappling

    • brown takedowns

  9. 9
    • brown black stance

    • brown black punching

    • brown black kicking

    • brown black hammer series 3

    • brown black sectors ungloved

    • brown black switch

    • brown black dirty boxing

    • brown black destructions

    • brown black trapping

    • brown black trapping

    • brown black grappling

    • brown black takedowns

  10. 10
    • black 25 punches

    • black belt kicking

    • black sectors

    • black dirty boxing

    • black destructions

    • black trapping

    • black grappling

    • black takedowns

  11. 11
    • Jab catch drills

    • Basic footwork patterns

    • Interactive lock flow

    • Shoulder roll drills

    • Bolo punch

    • Counter traps

    • Counter sectors 1 & 2

  12. 12



  13. 13
    • Further Study

  14. 14
    • Bob Breen Seminar

    • Anton St James Seminar

    • Phil Norman Seminar

  15. 15
    • Live Support