Welcome To The Filipino Boxing Pad Holder Certification

This online course and certification is designed for martial arts instructors of all styles who want to earn an award in pad holding for Filipino Boxing.

The complete Filipino Boxing Pad Holder award is split into two levels to make it easier to learn.

This first level covers the basics of pad holding for Filipino Boxing and covers the core drills and concepts required to certify including:

🥊Stance & footwork
🥊Core striking concepts
🥊Limb destruction
🥊Head butts & elbows
🥊Offensive defence
🥊Entries & exits
🥊Hammer combinations
🥊Attached striking
🥊Building progressive combinations

What's Included?

Inside the online course you will get instant access to...

  • Detailed coaching manuals that teach you everything you need to know to hold pads like a pro

  • Technical instructional videos that show you every technique, drill & concept in detail

  • Online support where you can ask questions and get help fast

  • Everything you need to learn how to hold pads for Filipino Boxing

Inside the level 1 course, you will find comprehensive video training, detailed instruction manuals, support materials & discussion forums (where you can ask questions) and FREE bonuses.

Once you have accessed the course and learnt the drills, concepts and techniques there are two simple steps to become certified.

1. You will be required to complete a short online assessment where you must answer a series on questions to confirm your understanding of the course material

2. You must record and send me video demonstrations to allow me to assess your competency in the skills you have learnt. 

(The full process of how to submit the above criteria is explained in detail within the course.)

Once you have successful completed the two part assessment, you will gain your certification as a

"Mittmaster Filipino Boxing Pad Holder (Level 1)"



On successful completion of the level one course you will also become eligible to purchase the Level 2 training course which focuses on advanced pad drills & concepts including:

  • Intermediate & advanced pad drills
  • Developing striking attributes
  • Personalising the material to your client
  • Trips, sweeps & throws
  • Wrenching & limb destruction
  • Advanced pad holding sequences and progressions

But...before you can start Level 2 you need to complete Level 1

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What Inside The Certification

    1. Module 1 Notes

    2. FB Pad Cert - Introduction

    3. FB Pad Cert - Targeting

    4. FB Pad Cert - Four R's

    5. FB Pad Cert - Step & slide footwork

    6. FB Pad Cert - Slide & step

    7. FB Pad Cert - Lead pivot step

    8. FB Pad Cert - Lead X step & pivot

    9. FB Pad Cert - Switch step (female triangle)

    10. FB Pad Cert - Bump step

    11. FB Pad Cert - L step

    12. FB Pad Cert - Punching up & down

    13. FB Pad Cert - Lead hand series

    14. FB Pad Cert Lead - Rear hand series

    15. FB Pad Cert - Rear - lead hand series

    16. FB Pad Cert - Metronome stationary

    17. FB Pad Cert - Metronome & roll

    1. Module 2 Notes

    2. FB Pad Cert - Punch - elbow same side

    3. FB Pad Cert - Punch - elbow opposites

    4. FB Pad Cert - Punch - same side hammer

    5. FB Pad Cert - Punch - headbutt

    6. FB Pad Cert - Combining same side strikes

    7. FB Pad Cert - Switching tools

    8. FB Pad Cert - Knees

    9. FB Pad Cert - Front kick

    10. FB Pad Cert - Round kick

    11. FB Pad Cert - Stomp kick

    12. FB Pad Cert - Side kick

    13. FB Pad Cert - Kick combinations

    14. FB Pad Cert - Setting up kicks

    1. Module 3 Notes

    2. FB Pad Cert - Jab - cross destructions

    3. Fb Pad Cert - Freestyle jab - cross destructions

    4. FB Pad Cert - Follow up off destruction

    5. FB Pad Cert - Body hook destructions

    6. FB Pad Cert - Head hook destructions

    7. FB Pad Cert - Combining elbow destructions

    8. FB Pad Cert - Kick destructions

    1. Module 4 Notes

    2. FB Pad Cert - Diagonal hammers

    3. FB Pad Cert - One half of the X

    4. FB Pad Cert - Integrating diagonal hammers

    5. FB Pad Cert- Diagonal hammer high - low

    6. FB Pad Cert - Mixing horizontal & diagonal hammers

    7. FB Pad Cert - Hammer triggers

    8. FB Pad Cert - Stepping hammer

    9. FB Pad Cert - Clearing guard with a hammer

    1. Modules 5&6 Notes

    2. FB Pad Cert - Attached striking basics

    3. FB Pad Cert - Attached stirking 2

    4. FB Pad Cert - Attached striking 3

    5. FB pad Cert - Lead elbow destruction to attached striking

    6. FB Pad Cert - Rear elbow destruction to attached striking

    7. FB Pad Cert 45 - hook destruction to attached striking

    1. Filipino Boxing Certification Assessment Criteria

About this course

  • £195.00
  • 56 lessons
  • Instant Online Access
  • Online Support & Advice
  • Work At Your Own Pace

How It Works

  • Learn Online

    Study online at your own pace. Watch the online tutorials and follow along

  • Manuals & Guides

    Download & print training manuals & tip sheets. Work at your own pace & take the assessment when you are ready

  • Video Lessons

    Watch the video lessons to learn the drills, techniques and pad holding required for certification

  • Support & help

    Get help and advice as you learn. Ask questions & get answers inside the course

  • Online Assesment

    Complete the course and send in your demo videos and I'll assess & certify you online

Your Instructor

Matt Chapman

Founder of Mittmaster.com

Hi, my name is Mittmaster Matt.

I'm a martial arts student for 35 years, instructor for 20 years, author and creator of the Mittmaster Pad Training system.

This unique pad training system includes over 500 pad drills for Boxing, Martial Arts, Kickboxing, Thaiboxing & MMA and is used daily by 10,000 instructors, coaches and school owners around the world.


  • What will I get if I complete the course?

    If you complete the course and pass the short written & video test you will be awarded a Mittmaster certification as a

    "Filipino Boxing Pad Holder Level 1"

  • Will passing the course make me a Filipino Boxing Coach?

    Absolutely not. To become a Filipino boxing coach you will need to with an instructor for several years and work through a grading syllabus

    This award means that you are safe and competent to hold pads for Filipino Boxing

  • How does it work?

    Once you sign up, you will get instant access to the complete course. You can work your way through it at your own pace.

    Once you feel confident with the material you can take the short written test and send me your demonstration videos.