Welcome To Drop In Drills

Over the past 30 years of teaching I've accumulated several hundred fun drills I like to call "drop in drills"

These are drills you can drop into any martial arts class (kids or adults) and are designed to inject some energy or improve a particular skill or attribute that students are struggling with

"Drop in Drills" are fun & engaging drills you can drop into classes...

  • When the energy in the class gets a little low and you need to bring it up fast
  • When you need to focus on improving a particular attribute (such as speed, balance, explosiveness, or timing)
  • When you want to teach an "old" technique in a new & interesting way
  • When the whole class is struggling to understand a new drill or concept and you need a way to simplify it
  • When you need a fun challenge to build that competitive spirit
  • When your coaching staff needs a little inspiration

So far I've written down 130 drop in drills 😮

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