Sparring is one of hardest things to teach and many instructors struggle to keep their students happy when running sparring classes.

You know what it's like when you have real mix of grades, personalities & temperaments in a sparring session!

It's usually carnage! 😂​

My new course "100 Sparring Lesson Plans" will help ALL instructors (no matter what style they teach) deliver exciting & engaging sparring classes where everyone learns, improves and leaves feeling positive

And as I like to teach conceptually you'll be able to apply the lesson plans no matter which striking system you teach

The Course Will Contain Lesson Plans Covering

  • 10 core sparring principles
  • Jab sparring
  • Cross sparring
  • Hook & uppercut sparring
  • Boxing sparring
  • Defence sparring
  • Kick sparring
  • Clinch sparring
  • Dirty boxing sparring
  • Muay Thai sparring
  • Southpaw sparring
  • MMA sparring
  • High % set ups
  • Getting and maintaining a dominant angle
  • Fakes & feints (and the difference)
  • Breaking your partner's rhythm
  • Drawing & baiting
  • Entries & exits
  • Effective counters
  • Ring & cage control
  • The five types of opponent
  • Fighter-specific sparring
  • Fun sparring games
  • And a lot more

These Lesson Plans will work for any instructor who teaches striking... whatever their style

Detailed Videos Included With EVERY Lesson Plan

Included with each lesson are easy-to-access video demonstrations, so if you ever are uncertain, you can instantly watch & learn exactly what you need to teach.

Accessing your lesson plans & videos is easy and quick across all devices (phone, laptop or tablet).


The Mittmaster Guide To Planning & Teaching Amazing Classes” will give you detailed tips on: 

  • Planning skill-appropriate classes 
  • The perfect class structure for learning 
  • Ways of hiding repetition in your lessons 
  • Overcoming the common problems in classes

I’ve worked hard on developing these lesson plans to provide the most value to your classes. You can implement them in emergencies or into the regular class structure to mix things up for your students. 

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-Mittmaster Matt 

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Matt Chapman

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Hi, my name is Mittmaster Matt.

I'm a martial arts student for 35 years, instructor for 20 years, author and creator of the Mittmaster Pad Training system.

This unique pad training system includes over 500 pad drills for Boxing, Martial Arts, Kickboxing, Thaiboxing & MMA and is used daily by 10,000 instructors, coaches and school owners around the world.
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