100 Drills / Lessons For Fighters

Training Fighters requires a very different approach than training the general public.

Fighters are a rare breed who need specific training if they are to compete to the best of their abilities and win.

Much of my content on Mittmaster has been focused on training drills for "recreational" martial artists and I feel it's time to create some courses specifically to help you train your fighters!

First up "100 Drills / Lessons For Fighters"

What This Course Includes?

This course will focus on the key components EVERY fighter needs regardless of style.

The drills / lessons will include:

-6 ranges
-Getting off the tracks
-Entering under fire
-Exiting safely
-Simple set ups
-Fakes & feints
-Building a solid defence
-Body conditioning
-Dominating clinch
-Off balancing (physical & mental)
-Strategies for the five types of opponents
-Reducing your opponents options
-Cage / Ring craft
-Escaping the corners
-OODA loop in combat sports
-What to do when rocked
-Changing strategy mid fight
-Strategy vs Tactics
-Jedi mind tricks

And more...

How It Works

  • This course is for coaches, trainers & instructors who train strikers of any style

  • It's designed to give you a wide range of drills & skills you can use to improve your fight training sessions / camps

  • You can take the drills in the course and use them immediately with your fighters to fix problems, refine technique and formulate gameplans

Whats Inside The Course


    2. Fighter Training Manual

    1. Fighter Drillls - Weapons on target

    2. Fighter Drills - Gauging distance

    3. Fighters drills - Four r's

    4. Fighter Drills - Non telegraphic motion

    5. Fighter Drills - Logical & illogical techniques

    6. Fighter Drills - 3 types of pad work

    7. Fighters Drills - Missing drills

    1. Fighters Drills - 8 covers

    2. Fighter Drills - Cover when kicking

    3. Fighters Drills - Metronome

    4. Fighters Drills - Head movement when striking

    1. Fighters Drills - Beginner footwork

    2. Fighters Drills - Intermediate footwork

    3. Fighters drills - Advanced footwork

    4. Fighters Drills - Keeping a safe distance

    5. Fighters Drills - Zoning away from power

    6. Fighters Drills - How to start a fight

    7. Fighters Drills - Entering using the 3 C's

    8. Fighters Drills - Escaping the corner

    1. Fighters Drills - Power up the jab

    2. Fighters Drills - Power up the cross

    3. Fighter Drills - Power up the hook

    4. Fighters Drills - Power up the uppercut

    1. Fighters Drills - 2 part punching drills

    2. Fighter Drills - Boxing combos 1-8

    3. Fighter Drills - Punch - kick chains

    4. Fighter Drills - Same side striking combos

    5. Fighter Drills - Mid range - long range

About this course

  • £80.00
  • 124 lessons
  • Instant Online Access
  • Over 6 hours of video content

Plus Get These Bonus Interviews For FREE

You will also get access to a series of interviews I've just filmed with six elite striking coaches about how they trained their fighters.

(These coaches have trained 100's of local, regional and world champions between them in various combats sports including Boxing, Muay Thai, MMA and BJJ)

Here's two short clips from the interviews. The full interviews are typically 45-60 minutes long!

Here's Bob Breen talking about being honest as a fighter

Here's Phil Norman discussing how far he went to prepare his fighters.

Here's Erik Paulson talking about his secret to preparing his fighters to win.

This you chance to learn fight training secrets directly from a variety of elite striking coaches who between them have trained 100's of champions!

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