Get Instant Access To 100 Filipino Boxing Lesson Plans

This course contains 100 Filipino Boxing Lesson Plans suitable for teaching beginners right through to advanced students.

Perfect for Filipino Martial Arts Instructors, JKD instructors and other martial artists looking for fresh ideas for classes.

Each lesson plan will be in PDF format so you can download them & print them out.

Plus you will get 100 instructional videos showing you all the drills taught in each lesson plan.

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Types of Lesson Plans Included...

Inside the course you will get access to 100 Filipino Boxing lesson plans covering:

👊 Beginner Lesson Plans
👊 Intermediate Lesson Plans
👊 Advanced Lesson Plans
👊 Footwork Lesson Plans
👊 Boxing Lesson Plans
👊 Combination Lesson Plans
👊 Destruction Lesson Plans
👊 Hammerfist Lesson Plans
👊 Trapping Lesson Plans
👊 Fakes & Feints Lesson Plans
👊 Slapping & Tearing Lesson Plans
👊 Joint Destruction Lesson Plans
👊 Trip & Throw Lesson Plans
👊 Defensive Lesson Plans
👊 Headbutt Lesson Plans
👊 Elbow Lesson Plans
👊 Low Line Kicking Lesson Plans

And a lot more

Perfect for coaches, trainers and instructors looking for new ideas for their classes!

Here's What You Get Inside The Course

  • Lifetime access to 100 Filipino Boxing Lesson Plans in PDF format (download & print)

  • Plus 100 detailed videos showing you the drills covered in each lesson plan

  • FREE BONUS: Get instant access to my NEW Filipino Boxing Workshop Recording

I've been training Filipino Boxing for over 20 years now. I was very lucky to meet a Grandmaster of the Filipino Arts when I was 19 years old.

Anton St James taught me the Filipino Martial Arts daily for over 6 years. We studied stick, knife, staff, palm stick and of course lots of Filipino Boxing.

He was, and is, a master of all the Filipino Arts

When I moved to London to get my degree I was fortunate enough to get to train at Bob Breen's infamous JKD/ Kali academy during its heyday.

Bob, as you will know, is considered one of the worlds best instructors in Filipino Martial Arts. Bob is all about practical application. If you can't make it work for real he doesn't teach it.

I was also lucky enough to train with many visiting instructors at Bobs Academy including Dan Inosanto, Phil Norman, Rick Young. Marc McFann and Mike Inay.

I still train Filipino Martial Arts & JKD with Bob every week
phil norman bob breen

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Matt Chapman

Hi, my name is Mittmaster Matt.

I'm a martial arts student for 35 years, instructor for 20 years, author and creator of the Mittmaster Pad Training system.

This unique pad training system includes over 500 pad drills for Boxing, Martial Arts, Kickboxing, Thaiboxing & MMA and is used daily by 10,000 instructors, coaches and school owners around the world.