As instructors, we all know that sparring is one of the hardest skills to teach.

Either your students go too hard and you end up breaking up a street fight in your school...or they go too soft and play tag whilst running away from each other. It's very frustrating!

I've struggled for years to find the best way to introduce sparring to new students without scaring them off.

Well after ALOT of experimentation I think I've found a great new method that develops solid sparring skills quickly and safely. I call it my Sparring Success System.

The Sparring Success System Is Comprised of Two Levels:

Sparring Success Level 1

This online course  covers the first level of my Sparring Success System and includes videos on:

  • Fundamental sparring concepts
  • The S.P.A.R.R.I.N.G system
  • Egg drill
  • Distance sparring drills
  • Footwork drills
  • Target acquisition
  • Variety in attack
  • Variety in defence
  • Defensive structure
  • Punching variations
  • High percentage faking techniques

You also get the following BONUS material:

  • A fifteen-page sparring success manual you can download.
  • A ten-page manual on how to run a profitable sparring seminar.
  • 5 BONUS videos covering tactics to deal with the five types of opponent
  • &
  • 2 BONUS videos covering common technical and tactical errors in sparring

Sparring Success Level 2

This online course builds on the Level 1 material and covers intermediate sparring drills and concepts.

It includes sections on:

Basic and intermediate head movement drills
How to move your head evasively to make yourself a harder target. Good head movement keeps you safe whilst allowing you to counter quickly.

Tactics for taller, shorter, stronger or faster opponents

This section cover sparring tactics used to deal with an opponent who has a physical advantage. These concepts help you to neutralise their physical attributes and increase your chances of controlling each round.

Key concepts for handling southpaws
We all know southpaws are a nightmare (I'm a southpaw). Every fighter needs to understand how to handle southpaws. This section covers correct positioning and striking options when facing a southpaw

Close range/ dirty boxing drills
All sparring should include close range striking as the person who dominates in this range has a distinct advantage. Up close is where most people struggle. This section will cover all the tools you need to dominate at this range.

Ringcraft & corner escapes
Getting stuck in the corner or up against the cage wall sucks. it decreases your defensive capabilities and reduces your mobility. You need some simple escapes you can use against your sparring partners. This section covers six ways to escape quickly when needed.

Defensive drills
Level 2 defence focuses on not getting hit and countering strikes with destructions that attack your partners strikes. Destructions damage the incoming strike making your partner less likely to strike and giving you the psychological edge.

This Level 2 course also comes with information on how to run a profitable sparring seminar at your school

FREE Bonus 1


30 minutes of video content covering my favourite fighters winning techniques. This includes techniques used by Ali, Tyson, GSP & Lomachecko, and more.

This section was the most fun to film and if full of tips and drills used by elite combat athletes.

FREE Bonus 2


I've also included 60 minutes of bonus video from my Slip. Dip & Rip seminar where I teach a group of instructors my new strategic head movement system.

What You Get

  • Instant Access To 50+ Videos

    Watch online on any device, at any time

  • Manuals & Tips

    Download and print sparring manuals and tip sheets

  • Make sparring fun again

    Safe and fun drills to progressively imporve sparring ability

  • 2 FREE Bonus Courses

    Slipping & head evasion & fight ending combinations

  • Guide To Running A Sparring Seminar

    FREE PDF guide to running a profitable sparring seminar at your school