Welcome To The Mittmaster Seminars Collection

I LOVE teaching seminars

There is something very special about spending a few hours with a group of people you may never see again. 

Because our time together is so limited I work extra hard trying to share, motivate and inspire in the hope that what I teach may have a lasting impact on the participants.

Unfortunately due to Lockdown the 10 seminars I had booked got cancelled and it looks like it may be a long while before I get to teach one again. Boooo

However its not all doom & gloom as I record most of my seminars and have bundled them up in this brand new collection for your viewing pleasure.

The Seminar Collection is OVER 18 hours of great drills, techniques and concepts taught by Mittmaster Matt and other elite instructors.


The Mittmaster UK Seminar Series (3 Hours)

This course includes three years of recording from my biggest seminar I hose every years (except this year) in London.

It includes:

  • Boxing combinations
  • Kickboxing drills
  • MMA specific pad drills
  • Trapping techniques
  • Reactive pad concepts

Here's a clip from one of the sessions

Mittmaster Super Seminar (4.5 hours)

This seminar was very special for as I invited four of my favourite instructors to teach with me.

This seminar includes sessions taught by 

  • JKD Legend Bob Breen
  • Kickboxing Master David Breed
  • Ghost Creator Phil Norman
  • & Me, Mittmaster Matt 


Here's a clip from the full seminar video

The MASTERS Seminar (6 hours)

This seminar includes workshops taught by many of my personal instructors including:

  • Kru Prathet (Muay Thai Master)
  • Bob Breen (JKD Godfather)
  • Phil Norman (Ghost Founder)
  • Tom Barlow (3x World BJJ Champion)
  • Anton St James (Eskrima Grand Master)
  • Nathan Leverton (Master MMA Coach)
  • Tony Davis & Matt Frost (Self Defence Instructors)

Here's a promo video from the seminar

Striking 4 Self Defence (2 hours)

This is a seminar I delivered to a local Krav Maga school. All the drills and techniques in this seminar are focused on self defence application. 

The seminar includes:

  • Power generation for self defence
  • Body mechanics for generating maximum force
  • Boxing for self defence
  • Mixing the hammer strike with boxing
  • Clinch for the street

Here's a clip from the seminar

Slip, Dip & Rip Seminar (1.5 hours)

This seminar covers my new evasion system that teaches you a range of simple head movement concepts including:

  • Lateral slip
  • Bounce slip
  • Deep slip
  • Shoulder roll
  • Snap back
  • Bob & Weave
  • Combinations & follow-ups of all the evasion drills

Here's a sample video from the seminar

Mittmaster Gloves & Pads Seminar (1.5 hours)

This seminar was one of my most popular seminars as it was only for martial arts instructors. This meant I could cover a lot of advanced detail and technique. 

This seminar is packed full of great drills and high level concepts.

Here's a sample video showing some of the content



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Now, that's a pretty sweet bonus!

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