Attention Striking Coaches & School Owners

Would you like to...

🥊Grow your school while teaching world class striking lessons
🥊Build a team using a proven Instructor development pathway
🥊Inject a "plug n play" marketing toolbox to supercharge new enrollments
🥊AND have all the support, inspiration and guidance you want need?

Joining an Affiliated Schools Network can do just that

And I'd love to invite you to be a founding member of: The Mittmaster Affilitated Schools Program

Welcome, Mittmaster Matt here...

I've created the Mittmaster Affiliated Schools Program to give you access to the resources, information, training & support you need to  deliver world-class striking lessons and grow your school

Here's whats included in your affiliated schools membership

The Complete Mittmaster Video Instructional Collection (50+ Hours)

(Value £1000+)
Instant Access To All 15 Mittmaster Core Instructional Courses

Instant access to the complete Mittmaster Instructional Collection. Over 15 complete Mittmaster courses are included in your membership including....

🥊 5 x Masterclass Instructionals
🥊 Kickboxing instructional Volumes 1-10
🥊 Boxing Instructional Volumes 1-6
🥊 Muay Thai Instructional Volumes 1-5
🥊 MMA Instructional Volumes 1-5
🥊 Kickboxing Trigger Drills
🥊 Fighter Training Drills
🥊 Holding for heavy hitters

🥊Plus bonus training content from other elite striking coaches

Syllabus & Lesson Plans

Value (£99 per month)
New syllabus & lesson plans released each month to help you deliver world class lessons

✅Access to a new Mittmaster syllabus every other month

✅Access to 100 new lesson plans every other month

✅Access to my Simple Syllabus System (which shows you how to build your schools syllabus for retention)

Instructor Development Pathway

Value (£500 per year)
✅As an affiliate member you get access to one certification of your choice per year for you and four members of staff

✅You can work through this in your own time and test online to become certified

Marketing & Promotional Assets

As an affiliate member, you get

✅Use of Mittmaster marketing assets (logo, images, copy, banners, promotional videos, canva templates)

✅Your club will be listed on the Mittmaster website as an affiliated school (with a link to contact you from there)

✅Access to monthly marketing training to help you grow your school

Direct Advice & Support From Mittmaster Matt

Value: Priceless
✅Access to a private Facebook group with other affiliated schools. Get instant answers to your questions

✅Monthly Zoom meeting with Mittmaster Matt to get training, help, advice, and support

Live Instructor Training With Mittmaster Matt

(Value £400 per year)
✅Twice yearly instructor training workshops (for you & two staff). One in the UK & one in Europe (a recording will be available for those unable to attend live)

✅A combination of physical training and business coaching

Affiliate Only Discounts & First Access To New Courses

(Value £500+ per year)
✅Discount on Mittmaster seminars hosted at your school

✅First access to all Mittmaster products before anyone else

✅An affiliate-only discount code for ALL Mittmaster courses

Make Money Promoting Mittmaster

Value (That's Up to You)
✅All affiliate schools will be set up as a Mittmaster Re-Sellers

This means you can sell Mittmaster courses yourself and receive a 50% commission on all sales you make

Mittmaster Mystery Box

Value: Possibly Trillions😂
✅All affiliate schools get sent a Mittmaster Mystery Box

This package (which will be sent to your school) includes some VERY special secret items designed to help you teach great classes & put a smile on your face

The Mittmaster Affiliated School Membership is perfect for...

  • Striking coaches who want fresh ideas, drills & skills to help them deliver exciting classes that leave their students exhausted, engaged & begging for more

  • School owners who are looking for structure, systems and syllabuses to boost retention & increase student satisfaction

  • Solo Martial Arts instructors who are in need of support, guidance & inspiration but without all the headaches of joining a BIG association

  • 1-1 Coaches who are looking to expand their business model and maximise their income through professional martial arts instruction

I have high standards that I expect affiliated schools to uphold. 

There are three simple criteria I require all applicants to meet

  1. You need to be actively running a school and teaching students
  2. You will need to be proficient in a striking system
  3. You need to deliver Mittmaster content in a professional manner & not bring the brand or its founders into dis-repute

If you meet these conditions and would like to become an affiliated school there are three payment options available.

Option 1: New To Mittmaster

if you are new to Mittmaster (and haven't purchased any courses before) membership is £295 per month to become an affiliated school once you are accepted

Option 2: Already A Mittmaster Customer 

(Month by Month Price)

If you are already a Mittmaster customer your affiliate school membership is discounted to £95 per month (as you may already own some of the instructional content, syllabuses, or lesson plans included in the program)

(Not to fear though, I will be adding lots of exclusive content that is ONLY for affiliated schools)

Option 3: Already A Mittmaster Customer 

(Yearly Price)

If you are already a Mittmaster customer you can get 12 months affiliate school membership for the price of 10 months. This is a yearly payment of £995 (saving you £190 per year on monthly access)


What You Get As A Mittmaster Affiliated School

  • Video Instructional Vault

    Instant access to ALL 15+ Mittmaster Core Instructional Courses (Over 50+ hours of instructional content)

  • New Syllabus Every Other Month

    Every 60 days you will be able to access a new syllabus with manuals & demo videos

  • 100 Lesson Plans Every Other Month

    Get 100 new lesson plans unlocked every 60 days. Includes video demonstrations & tips

  • Instructor Development

    As an affiliate school you get access to one certification course per year for you and four staff members

  • Marketing & Promotion

    Advertising assets you can use to market your school as an Mittmaster Affiliated school

  • Advice & Support

    Use the private Facebook group to directly contact Mittmaster Matt and get your questioned answered

  • Monthly Marketing Training

    Access new marketing training every month designed to help you grow your school

  • Monthly Zoom Meeting

    Once a month join a private Zoom workshop with Mittmaster Matt & other affiliated school owners. Get training, ask questions & share your successes

  • Live Training Workshops

    Attend two Mittmaster Training Workshops per year (UK & Europe) for you and two staff - or access the recordings

  • Affiliate Only Discounts & Bonuses

    Get exclusive discounts & bonuses only for affiliate schools

  • Become A Mittmaster

    Sell any Mittmaster course and get paid 50% commission

  • Mittmaster Mystery Box

    Receive a mystery box loaded with Mittmaster goodies to help you deliver exciting & engaging lessons