Welcome To The Kickboxing MEGA Bundle

Inside this course is a complete kickboxing system for your school. It contains everything you need to train, plan, and teach amazing kickboxing lessons including...

  • Kickboxing Instructionals Volumes 1-10 (12+ hours of technical kickboxing instruction)
  • Kickboxing lesson plans (100 printable lesson plans you can use to teach exciting classes)
  • Kickboxing syllabuses for adults & kids (complete & editable grading syllabuses)
  • Kickboxing equipment drills (bonus video instructional on using supplemental training equipment)
  • Kickboxing sparring systems  (how to teach your students to spar safely whilst having fun)
  • And FREE bonus content

Let's take a deeper look at what you will get inside the Kickboxing Mega Bundle

🥊12+ Hours Of Kickboxing Video Instructionals🥊

The MEGA bundle includes ALL 10 volumes of my Kickboxing instructionals covering everything you need to take someone from their first class all the way to high-level competition. 

There are over 12 hours of detailed instruction where I break down EVERYTHING I've learned over the last 25 years teaching, training & coaching fighters.

It includes:

  • Mittmaster Jab-Cross Foundations (60 minutes)
  • Mittmaster Footwork Foundations (60 minutes)
  • Mittmaster Kicking Drills 1 (60 minutes)
  • Mittmaster Kicking Drills 2 (60 minutes)
  • Mittmaster Savate Drills (60 minutes)
  • Mittmaster Glove Drills (60 minutes)
  • Mittmaster Body Snatchers (60 minutes)
  • Mittmaster Advanced Pad Drills (60 minutes)
  • Mittmaster Superman Punch (60 minutes)
  • Mittmaster Jedi Mind Tricks (60 minutes)

🥊100 Kickboxing Lesson Plans🥊

This course includes 100 complete single page lesson plans you can use to teach amazing Kickboxing classes at your school.

The lessons plans cover

  • Footwork lesson plans
  • Head movement lesson plans
  • Boxing lesson plans
  • Kicking lesson plans
  • Knees & elbows lesson plans
  • Clinch lesson plans
  • Blocking lesson plans
  • Parrying lesson plans
  • Combination lesson plans
  • Distancing lesson plans
  • Catching kicks lesson plans
  • Spinning technique lesson plans
  • Body shot lesson plans
  • Superman punch lesson plans
  • Hammer fist lesson plans
  • Southpaw lesson plans
  • Advanced kicking lesson plans
  • Faking lesson plans
  • Sectoring lesson plans

Each lesson plan is also supported with links to videos showing you the exact drills, combos and techniques taught so you will never be lost or uncertain. 

🥊Complete Kickboxing Syllabuses For Adults & Children🥊

The MEGA bundle also contains complete Kickboxing syllabuses from white belt - black belt for both adults & children.

Each syllabus comes with support manuals and information on how best to use the syllabuses in your classes including

  • Grading requirements for each level
  • My dirty dozen warm up series
  • Coaching command sheet
  • Kickboxing training tip sheet
  • Lesson plan formula

Both curriculum's come with detailed video instructionals showing you how to teach each technique perfectly. 

🥊Kickboxing Equipment Drills🥊

To keep your students engaged I've also included my course on how to use supplemental equipment including:

  • Various punchbag drills (60 minute video)
  • Thai pads (2 x 60-minute videos)
  • Kick shields (60 minute video)
  • Striking Sticks (60 minute video)

Here's a sample video showing you how to use striking sticks

🥊Kickboxing Sparring Success System Levels 1&2🥊

Sparring is one of the hardest things to teach. Either your students go too hard and their technique disappears or they play tag and run away from each other.

After a decade of trial and error, I finally figured out a way to help students learn sparring in a way that accelerates their progress whilst making learning FUN.

The Sparring Success System Includes:

  • Fundamental sparring concepts
  • The S.P.A.R.R.I.N.G system
  • Egg drill
  • Distance sparring drills
  • Footwork drills
  • Target acquisition
  • Variety in attack
  • Variety in defence
  • Defensive structure
  • Punching variations
  • High percentage faking techniques

You also get the following BONUS material:

  • A fifteen-page sparring success manual you can download.
  • A ten-page manual on how to run a profitable sparring seminar.
  • 5 BONUS videos covering tactics to deal with the five types of opponent
  • &
  • 2 BONUS videos covering common technical and tactical errors in sparring

Here's the intro video where I cover the principles of the sparring success system


Trigger Drills are the key to making your pad work faster, more realistic, and efficient. </b>

With trigger drills, you place the pads in a specific position that "triggers" an automatic combination from your partner.

This makes pad work faster, as you don't need to tell your partner what to do, you just flash up the trigger and they respond!

This course contains over 50 trigger drills you can add to your pad work straight away

Here's one short video from the course


I've also added lots of FREE content including my complete Kickboxing seminar series where I teach various groups and levels. 

Watching these workshops will help you better understand my coaching style and delivery methods. 

This includes:

  • Complete 2017 seminar recording
  • Complete 2018 seminar recording
  • Complete 2019 seminar recording
  • Complete 2020 seminar recording

(This course will be updated with all future seminar recordings every year)

Here's a sample video from the 2017 seminar

Your second FREE bonus is my "Fight Finishers" course.

In this course I breakdown the finishing techniques used by elite fighters. It includes 5 hours of detailed analysis of fighters like:

  • Mayweather
  • Lomachenko
  • Muhammad Ali
  • Mike Tyson
  • Saenchai
  • Raymond Dekkers
  • Cro cop
  • GSP
  • Cerrone

Here's a sample showing one of Iron Mike Tyson's trademark knockout techniques


As you can see this MEGA bundle is packed full of high-level Kickboxing instruction and is perfect for any instructor looking to improve their students striking skills.

It doesn't matter what style you teach this MEGA bundle has everything you need to take it to the next level.

To buy each of the courses in the MEGA bundle separately would usually cost you £600 / $821.

But you can get EVERYTHING listed above with lifetime access for only £395 / $560 (saving you over £200 / $275) 


 You can pay in six monthly installments of £67.50 / US$95


You will also get lifetime updates to the courses as I upgrade them over time. I'm continually evolving as a teacher so each course included in the MEGA bundle will be updated as I learn new tips, tricks, and tactics from my instructors & students.

Click the button below, save yourself money and get started immediately.


Mittmaster Matt

PS: Got any questions? Send me an email at matt@mittmaster.com 

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