Kickboxing Syllabus & 100 Lesson Plans

This awesome bundle includes two of my most popular courses...the Mittmaster Kickboxing Syllabus & 100 Kickboxing Lesson Plans. 

I've decided to combine both in this bundle to as they work best when used together. 

Here's what you get on the inside: 


Inside the Mittmaster Kickboxing Syllabus, you will get instant access to:

1.  The Mittmaster Kickboxing Syllabus split by grade. Each grade lists the techniques, drills, combinations, equipment recommendations and fitness requirements that are required to test. The syllabus will be in both Word & PDF formats.

2. To help make the best use of the grading syllabus I’ve also included over 50 detailed videos covering every technique, drill and combination so you know exactly what is required.

3. Warm-up ideas are an area that many coaches struggle with, so I’ve included my “Dirty Dozen”. These are a series of twelve warm-up routines that work with the Mittmaster Kickboxing Syllabus.

4. You will also get “Coaching Commands” pdf's for every grade. These are the commands you should say whilst teaching the techniques and whilst walking the mat to make sure everyone understands exactly what to do. Using these commands will help the students know exactly what to do and when.

5. You will also be given access to various “Training Tips” word documents which you can edit, print and give to your students as bonus material in your classes. This will help the students learn the techniques faster and boost your retention.

6.  Finally, I will also share my lesson plan strategy and templates that you can use to plan awesome lessons straight from the syllabus


This course includes 100 single page kickboxing lesson plans you can use in your classes immediately.

It's as simple as just picking one and getting started!

I have intentionally included lesson plans covering a wide range of drills and skills.

Topics covered include:

  • Footwork lesson plans
  • Head movement lesson plans
  • Boxing lesson plans
  • Kicking lesson plans
  • Knees & elbows lesson plans
  • Clinch lesson plans
  • Blocking lesson plans
  • Parrying lesson plans
  • Combination lesson plans
  • Distancing lesson plans
  • Catching kicks lesson plans
  • Spinning technique lesson plans
  • Body shot lesson plans
  • Superman punch lesson plans
  • Hammer fist lesson plans
  • Southpaw lesson plans
  • Advanced kicking lesson plans
  • Faking lesson plans
  • Sectoring lesson plans

(All these lesson plans are BRAND NEW so don't worry If you have any of my old lesson plans)

I have categorized each lesson plan by what it includes (kicks for example) and by the level of ability, it is designed for (advanced students for example). That way if you have a beginner’s class to teach you can quickly access the plan you need easily. 

But I saw a problem...

It's taken me over 3 months to create these plans and whilst I was writing them, I became aware of one serious issue...

"What if instructors aren't familiar with the Mittmaster system or its terminology"


After a bit of thought, I realised I needed to include videos with each lesson plan showing the key drills it taught. 

So, each lesson plan will include embedded short videos showing you the required drills. 

These clickable links will take you straight to a YouTube video meaning if you are ever unsure about what a drill is you can quickly watch the videos on your phone before you teach them in class. 


Just simply open the PDF lesson plan on your phone or laptop and click the link on the page that says "watch video"  to watch the video.

(I've intentionally kept these videos short. They are not intended as instructionals but rather demonstrations of the drills on a lesson plan. I'm sure you don't want to be scrolling through a 20-minute video before you teach. If you need instructional content please see my other products). 


This bundle contains both my Kickboxing Syllabus & 100 Kickboxing Lesson Plans.

To buy these courses separately would cost you £120 / $134 but as you are going to buy both I'm offering you a 20% discount so you will only pay £85 / $116

To take advantage of this fantastic deal please click the button below to order now!

Thank You

Mittmaster Matt